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  1. I remember when my Bristlenose bred. I only had 2 lots in a 4ft but they soon had the effect of moving gravel on teh bottom of the tanks. gave a whole heap away as there were just too many for my tank space Great job though, at least it means they're happy little fish :)
  2. Best of luck, You should get some interesting results with these guys :)
  3. bit late but Thanks Sarah :D


    Have a wonderful day. :D

  5. 4 and 5 are really interesting colours and I agree, 20 is deff a keeper, maybe with 17 (i think it was) and see what the F2 does? awesome job tho :thumbs:
  6. to tell wether they're male or female, look from above. females have a rounded "torso" while males are more streamlined. I've always loved the quirkiness of axies, just never had one. once I move into a proper house then I reckon I'll investigate them further :D
  7. The orange boy is a great nice solid orange, I like and great pics :)
  8. this is exciting, new things for me to play with :D

  9. even if it fills up with water while standing outside, would that also help soak out any left over bleach if you kept emptying it?
  10. :blink: just goes to show how long ago I last came on here. yikes it's changed heaps, and for the better i like it good job guys
  11. Welcome to the forum Darren. Nice to see another South Aussie on here hope you find everything useful on here :P
  12. welcome someone has some amazing fish to choose from. what type of betta did you get? have fun trawling the forums :P
  13. Hi and welcome I've always wanted a Ghost Knife, but just never had the space for one really like the look of your tank if you could put your location into your profile then it may be easier for people to suggest where you may be able to find some bettas enjoy browsing the forums
  14. Hi, welcome you should find a lot of inspiration for HM plakats here. and if the right fish isn't on here, try someone (aka someone on here) she has an amazing array of fish for sale on the net and at her store in Queensland that she ships around Australia. :)
  15. very nice and very jealous if you don't have the space to look after the fry, I'd just let nature take it's course and whichever survive to a non-edible size then all the more for you once they hatch I'd feed as per normal fry with BBS and then bigger things (not sure as to how big Discus fry are and what they eat etc though, so might have to wait for someone a bit more knowledgeable on that front)
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