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  1. I remember when my Bristlenose bred. I only had 2 lots in a 4ft but they soon had the effect of moving gravel on teh bottom of the tanks. gave a whole heap away as there were just too many for my tank space Great job though, at least it means they're happy little fish :)
  2. such an amazing array of colours just from one spawn. Love the one with the delicate finnage great job :thumbs:
  3. Loving these guys. My fav has to be the middle guy. can't wait to see how he changes :D
  4. Best of luck, You should get some interesting results with these guys :)
  5. Awesome looking fish to Glad you got a decent amount from this quick one. Good luck and can't wait to see them growing :)
  6. Loving the bodies on these guys. looks nice and strong :)
  7. WOOHOO for marbling. can't wait to see how the marbling effects these guys. I'm a major fan of marble bettas, and these look amazing already :)
  8. bit late but Thanks Sarah :D


    Have a wonderful day. :D

  10. 4 and 5 are really interesting colours and I agree, 20 is deff a keeper, maybe with 17 (i think it was) and see what the F2 does? awesome job tho :thumbs:
  11. to tell wether they're male or female, look from above. females have a rounded "torso" while males are more streamlined. I've always loved the quirkiness of axies, just never had one. once I move into a proper house then I reckon I'll investigate them further :D
  12. Hi Jennifer My parent shave a pond with goldfish in it, and even in Adelaide they're breeding if you do take the out of the pond and into a tank, they will still grow to their full siz, but just at a slower rate than they would in the pond. as for wether the will interbreed, yes they will. My parents have a mixture of fantails and comets in their pond and they get a mixture of both tail types. If you want to breed just one tail type, I'd recommend getting rid of the unwanted type. Pond bred goldfish are slightly harder to sell in the LFS, because I think of the risk of infection from them living in unsteralised conditions. as for when to take them out, when they're big enugh to be seen and you think the pond might need thinning out. I prefer to take the babies out when they're still small so that I can see them grow and you can tell what tye and colour they are by viewing them in a tank. as for feed, a protein based flake food should be fine for goldfish fry, then slowly change to normal flake food or pellets or whatever you have been feeding them. If you have anymore questions, google has plenty of websites about breeding goldfish, including selectively breeding them, which I would love to try one day, if I had the time and patience. hope that helps :)
  13. I would say that he is deff an extended red, with irrid and black showing. the red is amazing on him and you should deff do a cross with his spawn sister, as this would increase your chances of getting nice clean reds with no/minimal irrid or black on them. I'd say go for it if you haven't already :D
  14. How are these guys going now? An F2 cross would really be interesting to see what you got colour and tail wise
  15. The majority of CT's that you see in LFS are in fact deltas, they do tend to look like they're 180* though.
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