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  1. Thanks guys. Tragedy with this guy is he is an egg eater. But I live in hope. Last ditch effort as he is almost 2. But he the best I have. So want to get something out of him. Yes Lisa, they are Super Blacks. :lol:
  2. This was taken yesterday. My thanks to Abbey for her assistance. I had to upload it on You Tube. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=tOwckQw3En0 Enjoy :)
  3. I have recently started in the State Govt here in Brisvegas as well after 24 long years in the Brisbane City Council. Interesting that Peter has all the gear there, but not surprising. Where I work now, I mentioned that I keep and breed Black Plakats. Everyweek, I get asked when I am bringing in some fish to enjoy the ambience of the office????? Bring in as many as you like they say. Mmmmmmm...this could be a conspiracy. I can see the headline now...Siamese Fighters take over Brisbane State Govt offices. Makes me wonder about these folk? LOL :)
  4. I missed it too........ Happy Birthday mateee....hope you had a great day. Mid 20's eh? I remember when............................................................................ ............................ ;)
  5. I have seen Thomasi up here in Brisvegas....I think at Pet City. Very pretty.
  6. Hi there, Welcom to Ausaqua...I can guarantee you will become addicted. We all are!! <_<
  7. Happy Birthday Robbie, bet Mishy is missing ya on this special day!!!!!!!!!! :Drunk_Buddies2:
  8. Ahhh yes...Dragon boat racing. Can't wait to Mishy and HER WHOLE team do the star jumps as the collapse the boat into the water.... Heh, heh. Whilst all this is occuring another friend who also lives in Melburne tell's me there are some really great restaurants at Docklands. So she, me and me ma will hope to be enjoying some lovely red...white...errr...both, whilst watching me ol mate Mishy do the impossible and .....sink!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaa. Oh...and I'm not drunk. I was distracted in writing the first sentence by my dog Bart having a yap.....grrrrr. I meant to say I will have a damn goo
  9. Glad to hear everyone had a fab time. I sadly couldn't get there as my car broke down....flat battery.... ^_^
  10. Either day is fine with me. :thumbs:
  11. 30 September is better for me. Captain Burke Park is fine also.
  12. Liz40


    Yes, I have girls that aren't massive from that line. I have since imported a couple of more girls from Thailand. Blacker and bigger. Will be breeding very soon... Liz
  13. Liz40


    Hey Pete, Glad to see you here fnally. How is that black plakat girl going? Liz
  14. Hello and welcome. Good to see another QLDer on the site...woo hoo. You will thoroughly enjoy this site ad find the folk most hospitable. Liz
  15. Thanks guys. Party was LAST weekend. Fantastic. I got a bit...tipsy. Quiet day today, BUT had to go into work this morning for a work test for my job. Think I have done ok...so fingers crossed. Just a quiet one tonight...some takeaway Chinese and Vino and DVD's. So looking forward to that. Dinner tomorrow night with a couple of friends who are looking after me...their shout!!! :)
  16. Liz40


    Hiya shirley, How are your fishes going? I haven't bred anymore since we last spoke. I think the fish seem to know it's winter and stop. Liz
  17. Happy birthday buddy. Looking forward to catching up in 3 weeks for a few wee drinkies. Liz
  18. Ah...another Queenslander. We will soon take over the world...lol! Welcome! :bighug:
  19. Happy birthday mate...getting older..... :thumbs:
  20. FANTASTIC!!!!! :thumbs:
  21. Brilliant Phil. He is one good looking fella. I was thinking of importing in a Red dragon. But let's see what you can produce eh? Very interested. Liz
  22. Ahhhhh...another Brisvegas member. Welcome! :blush:
  23. Hi Leela, Are they from the petshop at Stafford?
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