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More Tanks than Kids...


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The Island:


On here I am going to have my cursed barracks, spawn tanks and when I get it, my sorority tank.

I have Bettas in basically all of these tanks. A few have fancy guppies. Elsewhere in the house is my husband's Bristlenose,Peps and Ls tanks. Then there is my daughter's tank with "Stanley" the Black Ghost Knife. And I wont show you the pic of my other daughters's very grotty gold fish tank.

Still to come in this area is the barracks I am working on building. Hopefully I can post some completed photos soon.

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If each 30cm Tank uses its heater and light for 12 hours a day it will consume 116kw of electricty per year

The Aqua One barracks again using 12 hours of Heater and Light per day uses over a year 175kw.

The 2' sorority should use 459kw per year.

And my home made barracks should use 573kw.

If electricity costs 27c per kilowatt all these tanks will cost me $1076 in electricity for the year.

I havent worked out what my husband's tank cost yet.

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and finally the currently neglected tanks...


Peps tank & Stanley's tank


Sorority AKA Hubby's Bristlenose tank and his ALF tank with my albion ribbons and swallowtail guppies just stopping by

And the overgrown cichlid tank with the Neon Blue Guppy tank next to it.


So TA DA...this is my fish!!!

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You get my Vote for Betta Mother of the year and you figerd out your Elec bill allready LOL,

I do like it when everything is organised like that OH and the Pics are great I think you will have a lot of members insired by them



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