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  1. so excited for you! the mum looks like a cutie, i'm excited to see how they develop!
  2. oh my god you are killing it. if you're done with the spawning gods, please send them my way
  3. finally found a picture of the mum too! except this is her in the spawn tank so she was looking very ratty haha in other news, one of my kids won a ribbon in the May IBC vicbetta show!!!
  4. oh wow, the black is coming out nicely!
  5. welcome adam! and welcome back to the hobby
  6. Thanks for the input guys! I've been cranking up feed/water changes to try and boost his body mass but nls pellets and frozen bloodworms are doing nothing! Will try grindals again and some dried blackworm (the live ones are so hit and miss I gave up on them because they drove me crazy) - hopefully his anal fin decides to sprout in the near future like his cello brother in the vid! Also I never noticed the split ventrals! Haha I'll check again tonight but I think there might be a translucent membrane inbetween or maybe my eyes are just going kooky @-@ And I'll be entering the New breeders class - I actually never got around to obtaining Ibc membership EDIT: nope it's a different fish with translucent ventrals, this boy's are well split haha
  7. Welcome! and yes be sure to check out the ibc meet in may!
  8. There's a five picture limit per post that's why Gorgeous pair! Will be great to see how the kids turn out
  9. What do we think? I like the way his dorsal points forward and I'm not sure what happened to the caudal it just suddenly developed a point at the end of one of the rays... And I'm aware the tip of his anal is slightly curled, any ideas how to fix it?
  10. Wow Dad is gorgeous! Good luck with the spawn!
  11. ooooo i like the wild spots on the lady's dorsal. I'm always a sucker for wild spots
  12. finally found a picture of the dad courtesy the Victoria Betta FB page!
  13. Welcome! I hope you'll post some pics sometime because as bettarazzi said, they're beautiful fish
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