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  1. welcome adam! and welcome back to the hobby
  2. Welcome! and yes be sure to check out the ibc meet in may!
  3. Welcome! I hope you'll post some pics sometime because as bettarazzi said, they're beautiful fish
  4. Frozen pop top bottle or the like and Fan or air stone to dissipate heat :)
  5. Must agree about velvet loving coccinas - I've got your trio of gouramis in with an infected brownorum and it doesn't show up on them at all! Good luck with the treatment, seems a shame for something to go wrong now you've gotten them looking like actual fish :lol:
  6. i think there might be restrictions on plants that are declared noxious in some states :confused:
  7. now that is the epitome of all-in-one
  8. where did you get your australe from? i swear the ones AI had in were all 'cape lopez' at some point
  9. yay for looking like real fish! :cheer:
  10. Very interesting siphon, but the waste in that video is dramatically intensified - I don't think a single male could produce that much even in a week! XD
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