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  1. I girl can only wait so long. My guys havent made a bubblenest since we have moved and one of my girls dropped a mass of eggs last night :(

  2. Hi Everyone All of the sudden I have been reading about this Shrimp Substrate....I have never heard of it before. Is it any good? Will it make my Shrimp (Cherries, when I can find some) happy? Where do you get it from? Cheers Michelle
  3. I had cherries in a tank with BNs, 4 female bettas and a handful of guppies. they didnt expand like in a shrimp tank but they held their own.
  4. back to the drawing board....Better luck next time....waiting for your next production
  5. How do you find the maintenance on the tanks low to the ground? I use a syphon but it is really hard. Any tips????
  6. The floors are finished and some of the tanks are cycling. I am so close to having my fish room rebuilt, I can hardly contain myself.

    1. Zui


      I am so happy for you mum. I can undestand your excitement. Looking forward to seeing the set up

    2. mumofthehoarde


      it is a serious down scaling but hopefully it will fit

  7. I am VERY slowly working my way through my tanks...now it is time for Stanley's tank Ages ago I purchased this little black ghost knife from a dirty petshop that was shutting down. He has lived in a 2' tank since I brought 'him' home. I didnt expect him to make it as I havent read that much about them etc etc. He kinda got chucked into a tank and a few rosie barbs and some very ugly mollies got turfed in there too. The rosie barbs grew and the mollies disappeared. He is now quite long, probably 25cm But his turn has finally came. He has a 3' empty tank waiting for him....what does he nee
  8. That black one is stunning. Just lovely
  9. I cant wait until the new floors are down and I can finally rebuild the fish room. This move has been the longest in history...3 months and counting!

    1. Sarah


      Stressful, hope it will all start coming together very soon and you can sit back and enjoy your new home/fishroom. :)

    2. mumofthehoarde


      So over it. I keep drooling at Fishchicks beautiful fish but cant do anything because almost all of my tanks are empty

    3. Sarah


      I know that feeling!

      Don't worry, it will be all set up soon enough and then you can go and buy fish from someone. :)

  10. Went back to my old house today to collect up some more tanks. 3 weeks since I had been there....found a bristlenose who must have got left behind...no food...no heater..no filtration and he is still ok

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Masquerade


      They are the most indestructible fish I have ever encountered. They're like the canetoads of the fish world.

    3. Matt_95


      They can even survive without water, I know someone who put some DW in a bucket with I water and the next morning he found the bristle nose in there... Wasn't even covered in water!

    4. kermadum


      I've done that with bristlenose in driftwood. Actually, not only was my big male in a crevice in the driftwood, he had eggs that I didn't know about until after I put it back in the tank and found the little buggers. Completely indestructible they are!

  11. Rebuilding the fish room is turning out harder then we thought it was going to be. Things arent fitting where we wanted. Power points are in the wrong place. Murphy's law is definately working at full steam.

    1. sharkwater


      push on!!! i've always wanted a fish room since i was 13. until i have my own place..

  12. The big move has now happened. All my fish transferred to our new home and new water with zero losses!! Now I just have to rebuild the fish room and we are all sweet!

    1. kermadum


      Yay! Well done!!

    2. les


      Well done MOTH I hope you and the family settle in without any hicups



  13. only 1 more week until the move...a sparky is arriving in the next day or so to rewire the rumpus room for the fish...the kids are ticked but the fish will be happy
  14. I am going to go with the sunshine for a few days. I have individual nets for each tank and I think I will use netsan (cos I have it on hand) once a week. Then I might go with detol Now any ideas on cleansing expensive plants from a sick tank????? I have tossed the elcheapo ones but a couple fo them was pretty hexxy in price and I dont really want to part with them if I can find a way to deal with them...most of them are on driftwood.
  15. you need an intercom! so you can request that food be brought to you in the fish room...is that pushing it????
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