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  1. I have a large storage container I use for aging water. I have a heater in it, and treat the water with water conditioner, salt and IAL within. Only need to refill it weekly.
  2. Gorgeous! Definitely would love some fry. Good luck with them.
  3. Sounds like a great plan. :)
  4. Hrm, looks like it may be divided down the middle. Regardless, I personally wouldn't keep that as a permeant home for adult bettas, and would move them to something a bit larger if possible. Until then, I would recommend carding them. Being in full sight of other bettas all the time is stressful, and they also get bored, eventually will not flare anymore. I use the covers of plastic display folders cut up to size, and slot them in.
  5. Ah will do. I can imagine how stressful this must be - thanks for all you do 'Raz!
  6. How I've missed the sound of filters in my bedroom. It's been quiet. Too quiet. Marine tank up & running!

    1. 6ftaquaman


      ah yes, I have the sound of a filter and a 6ft bubble wall. Sounds like it is pooring rain when it is dead quiet at night.

  7. Well, the possibility is there, so you can't outrule it. I had a LFS who bred bettas, and kept the male in with two females until one of the girls spawned. Have you read the article on Betty Splendens about father with fry? From memory, the dad bred with the most dominant female from the spawn at one point. So it does happen, but I would find it highly unlikely. I personally would separate him. Even if that means sticking him in one of those breeder net things until a better option is available.
  8. Go for the clearer photo if you like (you're "bad" photos are actually pretty good Mr. Photographer but your good ones are amazing!) He could just be a late sprouter. Also sometimes, rarely, these tanks work, you may have gotten lucky with the personality of the fish. That said, in the first week of September, I got my friend a male CT for her tank. She then added 2 females only days later, and eventually had 4 females and a male in there, living in apparent harmony. This Friday, the females beat him to death. Pretty sad - sorry for the horror story.
  9. Definite male. Can tell from body shape & finnage length.
  10. He's a lovely albino! Definitely a male. Axolotls are neotenic salamanders, which are amphibians (same class as frogs and toads). Neither a fish or a lizard.
  11. Rhhhhhyyyyssssssss..... hope you see this, Happy birthday!

    Hope all is going well. :)

  12. Looks fantastic Les! Had no idea you had so many tanks! Not sure if anything will fit, maybe you'll need to extend it a tad.
  13. Nice to see the photos! Any chance of a full tank shot?
  14. It looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it finished.
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