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  1. I have a large storage container I use for aging water. I have a heater in it, and treat the water with water conditioner, salt and IAL within. Only need to refill it weekly.
  2. Gorgeous! Definitely would love some fry. Good luck with them.
  3. Sounds like a great plan. :)
  4. Hrm, looks like it may be divided down the middle. Regardless, I personally wouldn't keep that as a permeant home for adult bettas, and would move them to something a bit larger if possible. Until then, I would recommend carding them. Being in full sight of other bettas all the time is stressful, and they also get bored, eventually will not flare anymore. I use the covers of plastic display folders cut up to size, and slot them in.
  5. Ah will do. I can imagine how stressful this must be - thanks for all you do 'Raz!
  6. Sarah

    What would I get?

    Yeah always good to go with form! Good to hear, sounds like you have a nice plan forming. You should have seen the nests they were making over here! New nest everyday (daily waterchanges for growth), and they were pretty decent sized too! No doubts they'll have trouble nesting come spawning.
  7. Sarah

    What would I get?

    Second female would be the better option of those two. Half asleep, so correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but red is dominant and the fry should carry non red. Sharing with discus huh? Wouldn't have thought that, but then again she was a bit of a submissive one! The yellow HM's father was red, and the mother was a red/orange butterfly (odd combo that female) - so should be good for your red line! Then again, then you'll have to use one of those males instead of that nice red boy. Could always do another cross next generation though to either of the yellow or red HM. How big are the yellow boys now?
  8. Sarah

    What would I get?

    If you're trying to keep a red HM line, crossing that male (who is gorgeous by the way) with a blue female wouldn't be a good idea. You'll mostly multicoloured fry that have washes of blue and red. What about crossing him with the red halfmoon female you got of me? How is she?
  9. Uhh the title of the video says it goes for 10mins... it's only 8:57. False advertising.
  10. Aah thanks for the link Jarrod, wouldn't have found it. Going from the second photo, excatly 38 fry. Just for you, Jarrod.
  11. Oh Les... hide and seek for threads I go then. Has it been recently posted on? Merry Christmas to you too!
  12. Is this the thread you meant Les? These guys are looking great!
  13. How I've missed the sound of filters in my bedroom. It's been quiet. Too quiet. Marine tank up & running!

    1. 6ftaquaman


      ah yes, I have the sound of a filter and a 6ft bubble wall. Sounds like it is pooring rain when it is dead quiet at night.

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