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  1. Swim bladder issues are finally righting themselves! I am seeing mainly orange in the fins. There are a few with yellow and the remainder are cellophane (will be watching these - these are possibly marble.) Starting to see some with blue irids on the body, so interested in seeing how that develops.
  2. 3 Weeks old now. Much smaller than my other CT spawn the same age. It's hard to see how many I have because they are very skittish. I'll be moving them into a bigger tank tomorrow, so will have a better idea. Cheers, Jarrod
  3. 3 Weeks old now. Growing well. Another spawn with swim bladder issues. Don't know what's going on. Perhaps I have lost my mojo and am overfeeding. Giving them a couple of starve days to see if this works. Cheers, Jarrod
  4. Quick update on these guys. I'm struggling a little with them having swim bladder issues. Have moved them into a larger tank and increased the number of waterchanges and dropped amount of food. Here is a video of them when I was transferring them...
  5. Not Happy Jan! Looks like I overfed this batch! Most have swim bladder probs. I will starve them for a couple of days and see how they go.
  6. shadoh

    Summer Plans...

    Hmmm... Seems I still had a few of the mixed mutt guppies in the outdoor drum that I missed. Went outside this afternoon to scrub out the drum and set up for new guppy spawns and was greeted by a few adults and about 40 babies...lol, oh well - looks like they have just established a summer spot to grow out...lol
  7. Loved the colour of the male when I saw him in store and was happy to find a female who would be a compatible colour match for breeding. Hoping to get more with the colouring of the male. The pair: Spawning: Hatching: 46456523_370051690406814_1387520497874371126_n.mp4 Set up the pair on 15/11/18Released female on 16/11/18Spawned on or around 17/11/18 During a stormEggs currently hatching 18/11/18 46456523_370051690406814_1387520497874371126_n.mp4
  8. I've been wanting to do a CT spawn forever and when I saw this pair in Petbarn, I know it was my chance Spawning: Set up the pair on 15/11/18Released female on 16/11/18Spawned on or around 17/11/18 During a stormEggs currently hatching 18/11/18 10000000_1606822579420486_4510246870101182672_n.mp4
  9. Hahahaha - I know how that goes with photos... I usually forget to take decent shots of the parents beforehand. Wow - 2 x a day water changes, that's dedication Hope the swim bladdery ones come good, It's usually fixable at this age (with reduced feeds) so fingers crossed!
  10. I figure why not since I am not on Brisbane town water which thins out CT rays BIG TIME. I am on the same water here that Paul Busman was on when he was breeding his Red CTs, so I know they do well in the local Redlands City water (we get out water from Stradbroke Island, not the dams that supply Brissie). I'm excited to see how they go. I tried breeding CTs a few times before when I was in Brisbane and each time ended up with dis-proportionally more females than males (2 x spawns all female and 1 x spawn 3 x male, the rest female).
  11. Have released all females - all 3 females were starting to build nests in their own containers. Copper CT female went straight to the nest and the pair instantly tried an embrace - first time I've had instant interest like that. No eggs as yet, but keeping an eye on things. Female is helping build the nest...lol Orange female CT had made a couple of trips to the nest to inspect, but nothing yet. Feral female heavily striped and interested in the nest. Male has started patrolling the tank looking for intruders...lol
  12. For anything new it might be worth using postimage though... Photobucket is malware/popup central these days
  13. I'll try it up here where its warmer and see if I have any luck!
  14. Hi ganaM Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you aren't too far off from being cycled. As Bettarazzi mentioned - your readings will probably change once you introduce fish. Depending on the tanks size and number of fish you are adding, I personally wouldn't add all your fish at once, but do it gradually over a week or two while keeping an eye on your parameters and staying on top of waterchanges. Can't wait to see what your tank looks like once you have it completed with fish in it!
  15. shadoh


    Hi Plippy, Welcome! You sound like you have some nice tanks there, would love to see some photos if you have any! (we are suckers for photos around here!) I'd love to find the time to get back into aquatic plants and mosses. One day.
  16. shadoh

    Summer Plans...

    Last summer, I threw some mixed guppies into a drum and let them populate it over the summer. It was a great little experiment and was very successful. This year, I am going to refine it slightly. I have some hybrids that I created with Opal Endler M x Redgrass Guppy. I have set the pattern and very happy with the results after 5 generations. I almost lost the lot recently due to neglect and it looked like I had lost the lot with the only survivors being 6 males. Thankfully, I found a single fry in the tank and have raised it to a point it can be sexed....A FEMALE!!! The plan is to continue raising her to a breedable size and put her with my best male to restart the population and raise them in an outdoor tub. I also have decided to do a second tub of a slightly more fancy single strain guppy or endler (anyone got any Medusa Roundtails?). Let's see what I decide. Here is a pic of my hybrids I am calling Opalgrass Scissortail Guppies...
  17. So, now all responsibilities of shows and club activities are almost over, it's time to look at my next spawns that should take me through the summer. I am looking at attempting a spawn every 2-3 weeks to try and stagger jarring out between spawns. So, here is what is lined up... Copper CT pair. Blue Grizzle/Yellow CT M x Orange F Feral NT Splendens Pair Wild Splendens M x Feral NT Splendens F Blue HMPK M x White CT F I also have 2 x 18 month old Red Dragon VT x HMPK females I am looking for a suitable VT male for. The original idea was to make the cross, then spawn siblings to obtain fuller finnage VTs. Unfortunately one of the males I kept as a breeder developed tumours all over his body and the other male died. I have decided that it is probably worth pursuing using either a Red Dragon VT male or a plain Red male (dragon scaling will be rediiiiuced but will return in following generation.) The result will still give me the fuller finnage I was after. I will upload photos of the pairs as I set them up, then start spawn logs once successfully spawned and have free swimming fry (been caught out too many times with egg eaters) Watch this space!
  18. How are these going 'Razzi?
  19. HMs are not on my immediate radar. Next spawns will be CT, VT and the first stages of CTPK line. I want to see the results of the Splendens x Ferals before I look at potentially crossing out to HM. I find the ferals have a darker body and more spread iridescence - something I'd want to pass on to a HM (if that is what I am planning )
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