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  1. Hi Trashlass, lovely Bettas you have there! They look quite happy in their tank set-ups. Can't wait to see what you do with Ernie's tank - I'm sure the shrimp will appreciate the addition of more places to seek refuge I'll definitely go check out your insta! PS: Your video didn't upload. We can't upload video directly to the forum. I find it easiest to upload to youtube and share the link here.
  2. Wow! You really are getting serious!! Make sure you take plenty of before and after pics!
  3. So much more high tech than my setup. Kinda jealous.... Lol.
  4. Hi Beulz, It is hard to keep things at just one or two tanks - believe me, I keep downgrading and slowly tanks and fish keep sneaking back in. Feel free to share photos of your setup - we LOVE photos around here...lol
  5. Hi Yulianto! How did you go with your cross? I think a Nemo Copper will look amazing
  6. Hey Kendall! Welcome to the forum Good to hear you are conditioning up your pair to make sure they are in best form for breeding. Have you sorted out foods for the fry once they hatch? Everything can happen so quickly, before you know it you have fry that need food! I highly recommend feeding live foods to your fry (Vinegar Eels, Baby Brine Shrimp). There is plenty of info on here about breeding, have a look around and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer.
  7. Hi there! Welcome to the forum. Happy to answer any questions you may have
  8. Hi Arakuna... Did you get to the bottom of what is going on with your Betta?
  9. Welcome! What kind of bettas are you interested in?
  10. Hello Fadi and Pakdeeko! Welcome to the forum.
  11. shadoh

    Summer Plans...

    Hmmm... Seems I still had a few of the mixed mutt guppies in the outdoor drum that I missed. Went outside this afternoon to scrub out the drum and set up for new guppy spawns and was greeted by a few adults and about 40 babies...lol, oh well - looks like they have just established a summer spot to grow out...lol
  12. For anything new it might be worth using postimage though... Photobucket is malware/popup central these days
  13. Hi ganaM Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you aren't too far off from being cycled. As Bettarazzi mentioned - your readings will probably change once you introduce fish. Depending on the tanks size and number of fish you are adding, I personally wouldn't add all your fish at once, but do it gradually over a week or two while keeping an eye on your parameters and staying on top of waterchanges. Can't wait to see what your tank looks like once you have it completed with fish in it!
  14. shadoh


    Hi Plippy, Welcome! You sound like you have some nice tanks there, would love to see some photos if you have any! (we are suckers for photos around here!) I'd love to find the time to get back into aquatic plants and mosses. One day.
  15. shadoh

    Summer Plans...

    Last summer, I threw some mixed guppies into a drum and let them populate it over the summer. It was a great little experiment and was very successful. This year, I am going to refine it slightly. I have some hybrids that I created with Opal Endler M x Redgrass Guppy. I have set the pattern and very happy with the results after 5 generations. I almost lost the lot recently due to neglect and it looked like I had lost the lot with the only survivors being 6 males. Thankfully, I found a single fry in the tank and have raised it to a point it can be sexed....A FEMALE!!! The plan is to cont
  16. It's weird - I've seen the broken links (grrr). The photos I put up last night were uploaded to photobucket and linked fine. Mind you, I don't like the 200 pop up ads that are on the site now. I have been looking for an alternative so might give it a try
  17. Welcome to the forum! Plenty to read up on here - it has been a great resource to me for years
  18. Hey Les, remember when I asked for photos of these guys 18 months ago?........lolol Glad they are doing well for you!
  19. I second corys as an addition. I used to have 8 and a couple of bristlenose in my sorority, and had no problem. I know someone who had Rummynose in a sorority tank with no problems.
  20. It was confirmed today that the IBC has sanctioned the first Betta Australis International show of 2014! Fire up your spawn tanks and get ready! The Betta Show will be held alongside the QFAS Caboolture Markets Show on Sunday April 6th, an aquarium show open to all types of aquarium fish in what promises to be a huge show with something for everyone The Betta show is still in the planning stages, so further details won't be available for a couple of months. Watch this space for details!
  21. Very nice mate! Love that second last girly
  22. Some of those fancy plakats are amazing - I do prefer my marbles to have a dragon layer, something about that thick dragon scaling that really sets off the other colours
  23. Yes! Success!!! Who cares how you did it - you can now dazzle us with your photographic goodness
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