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    I currently have 7 fish tanks in my room and now my sister has left my betta's are in her room
  1. Okay, I will just go to the LFS and see if he has on. How much do they normally cost?
  2. Yeah I am going to grow moss for that exact reason lol but what substrate would you recommend I use
  3. my mums old IQ3 is there a specific light you would recommend
  4. Hello, I have this nano tank and want to turn it into a gorgeous tank was told I will need to upgrade light and I was going to swap substrate. Any recommendation on substrate or light please?
  5. Happy birthday. :)

  6. Worst part about having depression is you just want to cry in bed and die and you don't manage to give your fish the love and attention they require

    1. Neffy


      Hi harry! hope your getting some help for your depression, keep your head up! Fish can go thru a bit of neglect mine have certinly had it happen to them!

    2. jha


      Heya Harry,hope your doing ok mate.I know how depression feels and how hard it is to go through with alone,if theres anything I can do to help or you need someone to talk to don't hesitate to reach out mate.

  7. His grown. how long ago was it that you got him?
  8. Why do I think Sarah might be behind this :lol:
  9. This week has been so hard

  10. The local fish store, I spend most of my time sells fully adult Platinum (not paired) for $110 each but his price is a bit steep, he sells his pairs of Angels for $120 through they aren't Platinums
  11. Don't know the problem but thanks I didn't know that was there
  12. Does anyone know of Aquarium Shops or Aquarium Related to visit in bali mainly close to Kuta?

    1. GeraldtonWA


      I was in Bali a couple of weeks ago. You can catch a taxi from Kuta to the "Bird and Fish Market" in Dempasar. It's a strange place - cats, dogs, BATS, fish , birds etc. The conditions that they are kept in will curl your eyebrows.

    2. little_troppo


      Okay, yer I am aware that they will most likely be kept in poor conditions. Do you know the rules of importing into Australia because I know of a Importer in Cairns but not sure about any regulations I need to do while there

  13. Shadoh put me down for some of yours when they are ready
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