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  1. Hi mate, what do you think about my website? https://microaquaticshop.com.au

  2. Swim bladder issues are finally righting themselves! I am seeing mainly orange in the fins. There are a few with yellow and the remainder are cellophane (will be watching these - these are possibly marble.) Starting to see some with blue irids on the body, so interested in seeing how that develops.
  3. 3 Weeks old now. Much smaller than my other CT spawn the same age. It's hard to see how many I have because they are very skittish. I'll be moving them into a bigger tank tomorrow, so will have a better idea. Cheers, Jarrod
  4. 3 Weeks old now. Growing well. Another spawn with swim bladder issues. Don't know what's going on. Perhaps I have lost my mojo and am overfeeding. Giving them a couple of starve days to see if this works. Cheers, Jarrod
  5. Quick update on these guys. I'm struggling a little with them having swim bladder issues. Have moved them into a larger tank and increased the number of waterchanges and dropped amount of food. Here is a video of them when I was transferring them...
  6. Not Happy Jan! Looks like I overfed this batch! Most have swim bladder probs. I will starve them for a couple of days and see how they go.
  7. shadoh

    Summer Plans...

    Hmmm... Seems I still had a few of the mixed mutt guppies in the outdoor drum that I missed. Went outside this afternoon to scrub out the drum and set up for new guppy spawns and was greeted by a few adults and about 40 babies...lol, oh well - looks like they have just established a summer spot to grow out...lol
  8. Loved the colour of the male when I saw him in store and was happy to find a female who would be a compatible colour match for breeding. Hoping to get more with the colouring of the male. The pair: Spawning: Hatching: 46456523_370051690406814_1387520497874371126_n.mp4 Set up the pair on 15/11/18Released female on 16/11/18Spawned on or around 17/11/18 During a stormEggs currently hatching 18/11/18 46456523_370051690406814_1387520497874371126_n.mp4
  9. I've been wanting to do a CT spawn forever and when I saw this pair in Petbarn, I know it was my chance Spawning: Set up the pair on 15/11/18Released female on 16/11/18Spawned on or around 17/11/18 During a stormEggs currently hatching 18/11/18 10000000_1606822579420486_4510246870101182672_n.mp4
  10. Hahahaha - I know how that goes with photos... I usually forget to take decent shots of the parents beforehand. Wow - 2 x a day water changes, that's dedication Hope the swim bladdery ones come good, It's usually fixable at this age (with reduced feeds) so fingers crossed!
  11. I figure why not since I am not on Brisbane town water which thins out CT rays BIG TIME. I am on the same water here that Paul Busman was on when he was breeding his Red CTs, so I know they do well in the local Redlands City water (we get out water from Stradbroke Island, not the dams that supply Brissie). I'm excited to see how they go. I tried breeding CTs a few times before when I was in Brisbane and each time ended up with dis-proportionally more females than males (2 x spawns all female and 1 x spawn 3 x male, the rest female).
  12. Have released all females - all 3 females were starting to build nests in their own containers. Copper CT female went straight to the nest and the pair instantly tried an embrace - first time I've had instant interest like that. No eggs as yet, but keeping an eye on things. Female is helping build the nest...lol Orange female CT had made a couple of trips to the nest to inspect, but nothing yet. Feral female heavily striped and interested in the nest. Male has started patrolling the tank looking for intruders...lol
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