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  1. Hi Bob, Welcome to the forum.. Plenty of wild betta info on here and a few of us keeping wilds. I have Mahachaiensis only now, but have kept Channoides, Brownorum, Persephone and Ocellata
  2. shadoh

    Aus aqua

    Hello and welcome to the forum!!!!
  3. Hi Betta Boy, Plenty of info on here about Betta breeding and still a couple of us on here to answer questions if you have any. I used to breed Yellow HMPKs - I still have a soft spot for them
  4. Hi Dan - I'm late to the party (as always), but have to agree with 'Razzi; that black male is STUNNING - love him!!! Great setup for him too
  5. shadoh


    Hi Marcus, welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  6. Hi Phlebo! Welcome to the forum. A sorority of marbles would look amazing and a riot of colour. It's funny how most of the betta people I know are also into guppies as well. I like something a little more unusual when it comes to guppies and if I could get my head around the genetics, I would probably be trying to make my own colour/pattern varieties.
  7. Hi Amber, welcome to the forum! Fishkeeping can certainly get addictive What colour platies are you breeding? I'm trying to decide if I will get back into livebearers again. I had some nice platies once, so maybe I'll go back to them. Can't wait to hear some of your money saving ideas!
  8. Hi Trashlass, lovely Bettas you have there! They look quite happy in their tank set-ups. Can't wait to see what you do with Ernie's tank - I'm sure the shrimp will appreciate the addition of more places to seek refuge I'll definitely go check out your insta! PS: Your video didn't upload. We can't upload video directly to the forum. I find it easiest to upload to youtube and share the link here.
  9. Wow! You really are getting serious!! Make sure you take plenty of before and after pics!
  10. So much more high tech than my setup. Kinda jealous.... Lol.
  11. Hi Beulz, It is hard to keep things at just one or two tanks - believe me, I keep downgrading and slowly tanks and fish keep sneaking back in. Feel free to share photos of your setup - we LOVE photos around here...lol
  12. Hi Yulianto! How did you go with your cross? I think a Nemo Copper will look amazing
  13. Hey Kendall! Welcome to the forum Good to hear you are conditioning up your pair to make sure they are in best form for breeding. Have you sorted out foods for the fry once they hatch? Everything can happen so quickly, before you know it you have fry that need food! I highly recommend feeding live foods to your fry (Vinegar Eels, Baby Brine Shrimp). There is plenty of info on here about breeding, have a look around and if you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer.
  14. Hi there! Welcome to the forum. Happy to answer any questions you may have
  15. Hi Arakuna... Did you get to the bottom of what is going on with your Betta?
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