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  1. Was nothing much to see at first.. Crypts just shooting from the rhizome, my only remaining fish - a stubborn colony of kuhli loaches - sulking and pretending to be invisible. Its simple, but its coming together. The (previously) carefully layered NPT substrate was dumped back in and allowed to settle, very messily, until the magic of trumpet snails stirred the silt back below the sand. The crypts are coming back surprisingly fast. The wood, which was completely dried out in my shed for several months, is returning to life from the dried bones of moss and even fissidens remaining. A few co
  2. Who still lives here? Set up my tank again last weekend, thought I would poke my head in and see whats happening around here these days
  3. I have some HM in the garden still if you want it :)
  4. Opportunity to try something new now Jarrod :)
  5. If it was only a temporary loss of colouration, usually a shock or stress would be the reason - like the chasing you described. Wouldnt worry unless it hangs around :)
  6. Snails - Those are the clean spots their mouths leave as they travel across the glass ;)
  7. Tank looks nice and healthy Jarrod, well done. Like the little black & white girl who shows up around 1.10 as well! Awesome soundtrack there in the background too ;)
  8. I had no idea we had such attractive natives Congrats on the catch Jarrod - Where did you go, and what else did you snag?
  9. Given a good rinse, I don't see why you can't still use it in a tank. Some people let it float free, others tie it to driftwood or rocks with fine cotton or a ladies hairnet (Be careful with the latter if you have catfish/cories). In my experience it tends to do better somewhere with a current flowing over it, even better somewhere with shrimp who will keep it clean of debris. G'lucks :D
  10. Had some fun the past few weeks changing tanks around.. This was my 4ft shortly after planting, a little over a year ago. It had grown in beautifully for the most part, Crypts proving inedible to even the most determined of Shubunkins. This is the same tank today. Background painted matte black, Shubbies and Driftwoods/Anubias have been removed to their new 3ft digs. Original dozen or so Crypts have become a bonafide jungle, and form a nice bushy background to the new additions; Red Lotus, Broadleaf Mini-Swords, Amazon Swords, Curly Vals and unidentified spikey-thing.
  11. How long before you'll know if you have fry?
  12. Much better - We'll get you trained up eventually mister. Fascinating little creatures :D
  13. Congrats! But where are the piccies Paul??? :lol:
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