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  1. Was nothing much to see at first.. Crypts just shooting from the rhizome, my only remaining fish - a stubborn colony of kuhli loaches - sulking and pretending to be invisible. Its simple, but its coming together. The (previously) carefully layered NPT substrate was dumped back in and allowed to settle, very messily, until the magic of trumpet snails stirred the silt back below the sand. The crypts are coming back surprisingly fast. The wood, which was completely dried out in my shed for several months, is returning to life from the dried bones of moss and even fissidens remaining. A few colourful guppies, chocolate cherry shrimp and a tiny baby peppermint bristlenose were added after the recent QFAS Market, and the whole thing is as low maintenance as I could wish for right now
  2. Who still lives here? Set up my tank again last weekend, thought I would poke my head in and see whats happening around here these days
  3. I have some HM in the garden still if you want it :)
  4. Opportunity to try something new now Jarrod :)
  5. More info about the setup and water quality will be helpful here. How old is the oscar in question? You mention 2 oscars, but no tankmates?? Photos of the 'bites' would probably help figure out whats going on as well if you can manage them.
  6. Someone save us a seat, we'll be a little late <_<
  7. I prefer 'Queen' and 'Lapmonkey', respectively, if there are going to be titles I have the whole of next week off in recompense at least, so will still be coming to dinner - Hope you all have your merry-merry hats prepared for the festivities, or I'll douse you in tinsel :D
  8. Is this tank cycled? (Ammonia/Nitrite readings?)
  9. If it was only a temporary loss of colouration, usually a shock or stress would be the reason - like the chasing you described. Wouldnt worry unless it hangs around :)
  10. Ended up having to work Tuesday night Have a good time all, will catch you at the next one :bighug:
  11. Snails - Those are the clean spots their mouths leave as they travel across the glass ;)
  12. Tank looks nice and healthy Jarrod, well done. Like the little black & white girl who shows up around 1.10 as well! Awesome soundtrack there in the background too ;)
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