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  1. Wow. I just love this tank. Sorry for the bump but I think its worth it.
  2. Fletch

    Hi, I'm new.

    Welcome to the forum mate. Lots of good advice to be had here. :-) Now for my 2c worth. Betta and goldfish require a lot different water conditions. This may work in short term but neither fish will thrive, survive maybe but not thrive. Second is that the male Betta should be separate from each other and from the girls. Again it may work short term but you may wake up one morning to dead fish. Boys may kill each other, may kill girls or even girls may kill boys. These are called fighting fish for a reason. Anyway, welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum. :-)
  3. Thanks. I have enjoyed spawning these fish and with the three adult fish helping raise the fry, it is different to anything else I have done. I did actually pick the different stages the fish went through, just didn't realise what the changes ment. The fry are growing well. I will be selling these when they are ready (a while yet :-). ). I already have a few shops lined up to take 10 at a time. There are LOTS in the tank. I am really enjoying this and love how easy it all is, so much easier and less stress than the Betta. It is a nice change.
  4. These guys are growing well. I have little fish now. :-)
  5. You both make me sick. All my moss dies, in all my tanks. :-(
  6. Lol. Might at well go to Fishchicks. She has them. :-)
  7. Glass diffuser. Only cheap things. Airline connects directly to it.
  8. I just paid the money and was very happy with the results. :-).
  9. I used a glass diffuser with two coke bottles connected to it. Never had an issue. I say give it a crack. :-)
  10. Thanks. Been many years since I have spawned fish other than Betta (approx 20+). Never really tried, just fish that spawned in community tanks. I seem to have caught the breeding bug. Once I have enough fry from these guys I will get rid of the pair and raise the fry. My next pair of fish will be a little more difficult. Then keep repeating the process. Eventually I would like a 6ft tank with Frontosia. Anyway, step one. Lol. This is only one group of them. There is also a smaller bunch still in the pit below this ledge.
  11. I have fry. First day free swimming. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbQpOJaH8mI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  12. I have a few tails. Must be hatching now. :-)
  13. I think it's about 2-3 days to hatch then another 3-5 for free swimmers. I think. Lol. :-).
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