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  1. Yanagi


    Hi Ron, it's Krystal here. Glad to see you've finally jumped on the forum! :)
  2. Yanagi


    We have two pair of australe at work... I'm about to rearrange some furniture in the new house again to fit in a small killi fish set up. :rolleyes:/> Awesome little fish, can't wait to get my own.
  3. My suggestions Pico <5L (Betta tank only class?) Nano 6-10L (Betta and/or shrimp only class?) Standard 11-40L Community 41-100L Mega 100L + Definitely a novelty class, for any size tank! How about a biotope/natural environment recreation class? Can we have marine/reef entries? I would say 2 months is a fair time frame to set up (or fix up) tanks and let them establish. There's my 2c worth. :D
  4. My ghost knife: Estimate 30cm+. I had 22 Tetra (2.5 - 4cm) when I added him, I still have 22 Tetra, a much, much smaller Elephant Nose and 6 small Clown Loaches. I hand feed him silverfish and whitebait 2-3x the size of the fish he's living with. Obviously, he is a model citizen and doesn't bother anyone. That said, some Ghost Knife will attack other fish, but I'd be leaning more towards a nasty female fighter doing it. I have witnessed more than one take eyes out of other fish.
  5. Most types of Hygrophilia are very easy to grow, the green ones are definitely the easiest. I like most things from that family of plants. Most are low to mid light demanding, a bit of fertilizer every week or every few days is better and they're happy. I also enjoy all types of Crypts. Anything 'Fern' so Java fern, windolov fern, narrow leaf fern, etc. I like simple plants. The less work, the better.
  6. Update? Is everyone still happy with these heaters? Any issues or reasons why you would / wouldn't recommend them?
  7. Yanagi

    Lfs guppies

    We will accept some fish. There are fish we will not touch from people ie GUPPYS. Most other fish we will trade back for store credit at a third of retail value. Anyway, it seems I've lost the cable to plug my phone into the computer and we just got a shipment of fish in so I'll try to take some proper photos for our facebook page later. Today is my office work day so I haven't been out to see what came but I know we ordered black moscow guppy pairs, a few of the dwarf guppy species like tricolours, etc. Like our facebook page and I'll update it later with a brief list of what we got today
  8. Yanagi

    Lfs guppies

    I'll see if I can take some photos of our (Auburn Aquarium) guppy stock quickly with my phone. Pretty damn slow here (word must get out that it's disgustingly hot in this shop lol) at the moment so shouldn't be a problem. I'll have to wait until I get home to upload them though. I will say that there have been some dodgy batches of guppies going around.
  9. Asfur Angel I've never done a big marine tank, the biggest was 130L. So it's a big jump up to 330L. So excited! A lot of people find Asfurs pretty bland in terms of colour, but it's their personality I'm interested in. Every single one we've had through the shop I have gotten hand tamed.
  10. So... then came the big move. The tank and I moved out of home! Upon relocation I decided to make things a lot easier on myself and get rid of the live plants... Welcome to Plastic City. Nov. 11, 2012. Add some livestock... Cherry barbs, Emperor Tetra, female fighters, a male fighter, my 1 remaining Discus and 3 survivors from a customer. No Angels. It was alright... but I still wasn't happy. These photos were taken this morning.... My beloved Pearl Gouramis, new residents of Auburn Aquariums 5ft planted display. And this morning... everything but the Discus is gone. They wi
  11. Thanks Daniel. To be honest, I dont think I would do it again. It was fine for a long time. Then the Angels started breeding and they would bully the Discus and other Angels down one end of the tank. Then I had a pair of Discus start breeding at the same time. Then a second pair of Discus all going at once. By the end of if, the Discus ended up having a few scales knocked loose and the low men on the totem pole were losing weight. Eventually I gave the Angels away. Maybe if I had a 6 or 8 ft tank that was at least 2ft wide as well as high I would but not in this little toy of a tank. That or g
  12. For those who don't know me, here's the back story. Since I got into fish 3-4 years ago, I've always loved Angelfish, and eventually came to fall for Discus as well, but I was only allowed one big tank... Here's the progression of my obsession! (Yay, rhymes!) August 2, 2011. The Angels... This is around the time I saw my first Asfur Angel at work. Instant love. October 8, 2011. Temporary upgrade to a standard 4ft, Discus added. 4 x 18 x 2" Tank on order. November 2, 2011,The new tank is here! Size comparison shot (Yes the 4ft was outdoors while the room was rearranged to accommoda
  13. Discus on their way out... Look what will soon be moving in.

    1. Yanagi



  14. We just recent got these little heaters in at Auburn Aquarium, Glad to hear they do a good job. I plan on running one in a nano tank when I get it set up.
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