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  1. Yanagi


    Hi Ron, it's Krystal here. Glad to see you've finally jumped on the forum! :)
  2. Yanagi


    We have two pair of australe at work... I'm about to rearrange some furniture in the new house again to fit in a small killi fish set up. :rolleyes:/> Awesome little fish, can't wait to get my own.
  3. Dimetronidazole is available at some LFS. I am on my phone so can't see where you are but if sydney located then Auburn Aquarium sells it. If not, call around. White stringy poo is a flashing neon sign indicating parasitic worms. If you can't get dimetro you can try levimisole as well. I used to use dimetro and levi soaked food on my discus once a week for maintanence worming. You can also dose the tank for heavy infestation but soaking pellet feed is the best method. Levimisole (my spelling is probably wrong) is available in the form of Big L pig and poultry wormer and some reptile wormers.
  4. My suggestions Pico <5L (Betta tank only class?) Nano 6-10L (Betta and/or shrimp only class?) Standard 11-40L Community 41-100L Mega 100L + Definitely a novelty class, for any size tank! How about a biotope/natural environment recreation class? Can we have marine/reef entries? I would say 2 months is a fair time frame to set up (or fix up) tanks and let them establish. There's my 2c worth. :D
  5. Buy a big lump of black or blue coarse sponge, use a dremel if you want it neat, a knife if you don't care too much, and carve out a hollow, just a bit thinner diameter than your outflow (don't go all the way through, only about halfway down) and shove the sponge over your outlet. Another method would be to make a spray bar that can jet into all of the chambers. If you get the right ornament you can cram the filter pipe down it as well. I've used hollow logs for a quick temporary fix. Otherwise google filter baffle and you'll get a heap more ideas, most of which are really unsightly. Another idea would be find your hose size and buy a filter tap set, you can adjust the flow with these.
  6. Yanagi

    Fin Rot, and?

    Do not combine triple sulpha and tetracycline. It should be dosed every day, prepped water won't be as effective. At this point I think I would be trying what I have done to several Gouramis and Bettas with bacterial infections. Topical treatment of 'multicure' or 'multipurpose'. It is a total pain to do, but very effective. Catch fish, flip him up the right way and either use the dropper on the bottle or a cotton bud dipped into multicure and apply straight onto the infected areas. Repeat twice a day until you see improvement. I do this in a deep plastic tub because the fish sometimes flips around and that will spray multicure dye in every direction. Use protective glasses with big, or very fiesty fish! Don't ask how I know... :giggle:/>
  7. Yanagi

    Fin Rot, and?

    Hard to tell from the quality but it almost looks like lymphocystis, which I have never seen on a Betta. Maybe google that and see if it looks the same.
  8. My ghost knife: Estimate 30cm+. I had 22 Tetra (2.5 - 4cm) when I added him, I still have 22 Tetra, a much, much smaller Elephant Nose and 6 small Clown Loaches. I hand feed him silverfish and whitebait 2-3x the size of the fish he's living with. Obviously, he is a model citizen and doesn't bother anyone. That said, some Ghost Knife will attack other fish, but I'd be leaning more towards a nasty female fighter doing it. I have witnessed more than one take eyes out of other fish.
  9. Yanagi

    Fin Rot, and?

    Melafix is as useful as, in human terms, a multivitamin for an infection. Stick to Tetracycline. I'd opt for 50% changes, one today and one in three days time. Wouldn't hurt to dose Melafix in the main tank.
  10. Yanagi


    Products with Tetracycline aren't generally sold under the name 'Tetracycline' but look out for AquaCure by Science Products, it is tetracycline. Terrible, tiny picture but this is what the 6 pk looks like. Also comes in 15 tab and 100tab jars.
  11. Yanagi

    Fin Rot, and?

    Photos aren't the best but my 2c; First girl has a serious finrot infection, advise tetracycline or triple sulpha, in order of preference. Second girl has melt and/or infection around the start of her dorsal, same treatment. If they were in the same tank together then two fish popping up like this would suggest a water quality issue. Can't tell if it's velvet related or not based on these pictures, but I doubt it.
  12. The ends of the fins are frayed and he's looking clampy. Possible fin rot and/or melt.
  13. Most types of Hygrophilia are very easy to grow, the green ones are definitely the easiest. I like most things from that family of plants. Most are low to mid light demanding, a bit of fertilizer every week or every few days is better and they're happy. I also enjoy all types of Crypts. Anything 'Fern' so Java fern, windolov fern, narrow leaf fern, etc. I like simple plants. The less work, the better.
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