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  1. Mollies are a surface feeder and also mid level they will cope with. If food sinks to fast or they can not get enough food from the surface or mid level they will take what has sunk to the bottom this is when you see pop eye develop in them. If you take Razzies advice and isolate the molly I would say in one of those net fry savers so she can still see the other fish, this will stop her stressing to much make sure that the food floats and dosn't sink and it should clear up with out any intervention. remember prevention is better than cure and if you don't need to use chemicals then don't. Kissing gouramie can get pop eye due to feeding off the bottom even though they are not surface feeders but filter feeders. I hope this helps Cheers Les
  2. les

    A volcanum

    I havnt posted in a while but thought I would up date the killi news in the fishroom. I got some A volcanum fry not long ago only about eight but enough to maby give me a pair when they start to show there genders. Not getting any eggs from the rest of the killi stock but I am busy woth some nice anabantoid spawns at the moment. Keeping the dream alive.
  3. No Probs Roger, I will still keep my eye out for you just incase something does come up. have you got Phill Shadocks genetic prima or Chris Ngs guppie book they have some good genetic info if you wanted to try and get it through breeding Cheers les
  4. This pair mated again two days ago there first spawn was lost due to a power outage.
  5. Checked yesterday and this pair has decided to get it on yesterday. I had lost a previouse spawn from them when I had the power outage in the fish room.
  6. les

    Lamp eye Killi fish

    @ Shadoh: I will try for pics but you do know that I am notouriously bad at taking them. @ Maddie: Well now that sounds like a good reasone to visit again . It must have been James I was talking to about the striatum whilst you were here. Cheers Les
  7. Hey Roger, Are you in Bunbury? I havnt found any of the guppies Razzi asked me about but I could ask My Indo mates but they would have to be imported. would that make a difference?
  8. les

    Lamp eye Killi fish

    These guys are such rabbits, The tank I have full of these guys looks amazing in the dark with there eyes shinning like blue lamps. I am going to start growing them in troughs this summer just to save space as room is of a primiam
  9. les

    F. Striatum

    Getting eggs from these guys now but I am looking for some new blood to add in as this will be 5 or 6 gen and I am noticing that I am not getting as many eggs.
  10. les

    fish euthanasia

    LOL has this post been revived again. Do what ever it takes but don't waist I say. I used to brick mine but I have a friend who takes them now as feeder fish. He also gets the fish that are no longer wanted for breeding as these make betta meals Cheers Les
  11. les

    bent backs

    there seems to be two causes for bent backs to much inbreeding and bad nutrition. easy to remidy in both casses
  12. les

    List of spawns

    Ha Ha, was that a wink? I didn't have my glass's so it looked like a grimace. I do wish you all the best with your growth chart project and hope that some members who arnt so busy get behind it. Cheers Les
  13. les

    List of spawns

    @ Brenton Fry growth rates depend on so many different factors. With the numbers I have I don't realy have the time for messuring. @ Maddzvk I can always send some coppers your way. I have three giant spawns going in this weekend, one of them is a copper giant HMPK pair that I am sure will produce some nice offspring. @ Jarrod I have had 2 x smaragdina, 1 x dimidiate, The channs are holding and I think the palfina have just finished spawning. I culled about 300 Betta on Monday and have 100 x Betta going to the shop on Friday so that will free up a few jars. I am going to grow out some of these recent spawns in outside tubs as it worked well last summer and it leaves the fishroom just for spawning in.
  14. les

    List of spawns

    OK to date I have the following spawns: They are all two weeks old and are feeding well. Giant HM PK Copper PK, HM PK Copper PK Royal Blue Bicolour DT PK ( I have two spawns females are sisters and the males are not related ) Royal blue Bicolour HM PK Black Copper HM X Royal blue HM Cheers Les
  15. Western Australia Betta Group Will be holding there meeting On Tuesday 17 Sept At Aquarium Society of Western Australia Club rooms Rotary Club Rooms Sangate Street South Perth Doors open 7:45 Meeting starts 8:00 Topic: General Standards and Betta selecting We would also like you to bring along a Betta to compare with. See you all there
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