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  1. les

    A volcanum

    I havnt posted in a while but thought I would up date the killi news in the fishroom. I got some A volcanum fry not long ago only about eight but enough to maby give me a pair when they start to show there genders. Not getting any eggs from the rest of the killi stock but I am busy woth some nice anabantoid spawns at the moment. Keeping the dream alive.
  2. les

    Lamp eye Killi fish

    @ Shadoh: I will try for pics but you do know that I am notouriously bad at taking them. @ Maddie: Well now that sounds like a good reasone to visit again . It must have been James I was talking to about the striatum whilst you were here. Cheers Les
  3. les

    Lamp eye Killi fish

    These guys are such rabbits, The tank I have full of these guys looks amazing in the dark with there eyes shinning like blue lamps. I am going to start growing them in troughs this summer just to save space as room is of a primiam
  4. les

    F. Striatum

    Getting eggs from these guys now but I am looking for some new blood to add in as this will be 5 or 6 gen and I am noticing that I am not getting as many eggs.
  5. les

    bent backs

    there seems to be two causes for bent backs to much inbreeding and bad nutrition. easy to remidy in both casses
  6. B-)/>Well done Roydy Now we would like to see some pics of all the Guppies and Endlers Please B-)/>. Cheers les
  7. Hi Roydy I have Blond Endlers and they will drop if the temp is up but if it cools off they will hold on to the fry longer. If you have a heater in with them maby check night time temp of tank. i also find that mine drop more frequently when fed on Grindel worms and or black worms. I think this is due to them being more conditioned. good luck Cheers les PS they dont drop as many fry as Gupies so only expect small drops
  8. sorry Simon I am more into nature and not nurture so I guess i would have put it down. But I guess its cute to those who are the nurturing kind.
  9. LOL @ Razzi Hey Kev, I have the rams but just keep the numbers down to a hand full. Like you said they are great for uneaten food. If your snails are becoming a problem then cut back on the food and the population will be brought back in check. if you want to eradicate totally then there are product like No Planaria that can be used. I think Seaview aquariums stock it. Cheers Les
  10. les

    Our killiscape

    Hey James, Realy nice to see you and maddy giving the clowns a go. Killi can be so rewarding. Adrian realy knows his stuff. I get rain gutter mesh and putbmy peacock moss between that and hang it in the tanks for both the Killi and Guppies. I will post a pic on the weekend to show what I mean. It gives the resulting fry a great refuge to hang out in till all is good for them. Keep up the good work it is great to se Cheers Les
  11. les


    hey Ashlea It is almost the same as with Betta and guppy, It depends on the water changes. I have had some gardneri mature realy quick when I did every second day water changes and others that didn't budge becouse they got next to none. I use every second day water changes for all off my Killi as I am using a high protien food and get good results. Cheers Les
  12. WOW they are ammazing pics, "You did good girl" Beside the pics the fish are very nice as well :applaud:/>. I realy like the Dayak CT. Cheers les
  13. Are you Really Interested In Betta? There will be a gathering of people interested in forming a Betta Club here in Perth. Whether you are in to Show type, Wild Type or just a pet, there will be benefits in belonging to it. Date: Tuesday 16th July Time: 7:45pm Doors Open 8:00pm Start Venue: Aquarium Society of Western Australia Club Rooms Rotary Club Hall Sandgate Street South Perth Contact Les by PM on this site The president on the International Betta Congress is giving his full support to the formation of this club, as have Betta Australis and
  14. les

    F. Striatum

    Thanks Razzi They are the therd gen on from the ones I first bought. I have grown each lot out in large numbers and ten selected the best coloured ones and also the biggest, I think also that having a dark gravel underneth makes them feel safe and so they will be more at ease. Live food as we all know helps as well. Tell me when you want some eggs and I will send them over. cheers les
  15. les

    Red guppies

    Thanks guys @ Razzi Up untill now I have used the virgin but now I am at this stage I am turning over to group matting all the best girls with the best boys ( I only had two boys that I realy liked , the rest went to the shop. I will select from this lots drop two trios and then from that I will cross each with the other so that I have four trios. This would mean that each female once the four trios were there would be mated to a second cousin / cousin once removed. This way I should have no problems with inbreeding depresion and the line should maintain its fertility.. @ drajit I think
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