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  1. fishbites

    Hello :)

    Link to the Betta Care Sheet is now fixed Floss...
  2. Nice choice of fish .... this is the pair I had.... the male (larger one) killed off two of his competitors.... then they spawned.... raised some fry... then he killed his wife..... beautiful fish but can be unpredictable.... (typical cichlid)...... only had them in a 2x15x15 tank ... going to try them again some day in my sumped system with 3x18x18 tanks where my shellies are.... Hope yours do the right thing and get the step breeding going ..... might need a larger tank for that though....
  3. shouldn't need an excuse to ramble on about your fish Room is looking good Sarah.... make sure you have a spare bed installed in there just incase you end up in the "fish house" :P
  4. Have you arranged for a sink or at least a tap inside the room Sarah? Make it easier to do water changes and clean up and other things.... Good on getting lots of power points - can never have enough of them! It's worth thinking of putting insulation in the walls of the room as well - will help save on heating costs during winter..... It's looking great so far - nice of dad to move his gear out too You've done very well!!!!
  5. Brilliant catfish!!! Hope they grow and populate freely :)
  6. last time I supported a cause like "higher wages for hard working bus drivers" I was shouted down...... I find myself once again supporting a hard working bus driver and hope the same people do not speak against this support this time Seriously - for a fun competition - why not have Jarrod join in - the fish are a lucky dip so all will be fair....
  7. Just got told by my LFS they are going to stock Ocean Nutrition Frozen Foods.... They have FROZEN MOZZIE Larvae - black and white frozen mozzie larvae - not sure what the difference is.... Also little quintet packs with 5 different types of food - small bloodworms, large bloodworms, artemia, daphnia and mysis shrimp - great combo for people with a small number of fish or a community tank. There's a whole range of other types too if you look up the www.oceannutrition.eu website..... Worth checking out if you want some variety for your fish - my LFS said that their prices are pretty s
  8. Hey Serkan.... was just wondering..... are your venezuelanus "black" corys the same as in this thread? Corydoras sp "black venezuela" If they are.... I WANT SOME!! that black body with the reddish fins is brilliant!!!!
  9. @ Serkan - brilliant collection - The idea of growing them all out in a 4ft tank to breeding size is a great idea..... I might even 'borrow' that idea myself! @ Les .... I've spawned C. julii before but only have 2 adults left at the moment ... have been meaning to get more but them being so common and fairly cheap I just haven't bothered ... spent the $ available to get the sterbai colony of 12 and the 6 duplicareus..... hopefully when these 2 groups grow a little more I will get them into breeding mode.... still need to ad a few more to the duplicareus group from a different source i
  10. Ok... out with some pics of them Serkan!!!! Or a fish room tour of your corys...... I must admit they are my favourite catfish but as you know - keeping groups and needing space for 20 species I couldn't provide that much room without getting rid of other fish that I can't part with (unless I fill the shed totally!!!)
  11. @ Hazell.... when i first read your post I thought you said they "snuffle" - what a great word for the way they go around but then realised it was shuffle!!! They were 'snuffling' round the sandy bottom of the tank almost the instant they floated out of their transport bags..... @ Busman Paul..... Only reason I can afford them is due to my LFS giving me really great prices on fish I order and pick up still in the transport bags.... I'm pretty sure he didn't put more than 5% markup on these fish for me..... @Jarrod - someone did have some on her list but I had already ordered mi
  12. beanie boxes are only 10cm square..... they're made for dolls not fish if you want something bigger you can use plastic takeaway containers or similar if you want to go cheap or you can build / buy your own custom size tanks....
  13. I've just fallen in love with Corydoras duplicareus!!! My LFS ordered them in for me and they arrived today - just made it to the shop before closing to pick them up in the bag - got charged very little markup too - they looked good through the bag but after seeing them in the tank..... WOW! That orange mark between their eye and the dorsal fin is amazingly bright! These are the most brilliant little corys I have ever owned..... I think someone has some on her latest list too.... There are quite a few species similar - imitator has a long nose and paler colours, adolfi is b
  14. search feebay for beanie cases
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