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  1. fishbites

    Hello :)

    Link to the Betta Care Sheet is now fixed Floss...
  2. Nice choice of fish .... this is the pair I had.... the male (larger one) killed off two of his competitors.... then they spawned.... raised some fry... then he killed his wife..... beautiful fish but can be unpredictable.... (typical cichlid)...... only had them in a 2x15x15 tank ... going to try them again some day in my sumped system with 3x18x18 tanks where my shellies are.... Hope yours do the right thing and get the step breeding going ..... might need a larger tank for that though....
  3. yes, as prevoiusly mentioned... the scientific names are correct in most cases with some wholesalers but you are starting with some common, common names and some that are dubious to ID the fish - your LFS or others who have access to their price list will have the actual names :)
  4. Be careful of lifting names off wholesaler's websites - there are a few "americanisms" and incorrect names floating around in your list above... and Betta unimaculata is actually 'commonly' known as the Gold Dragon Betta - only unnamed Betta species go by their collection point alone - most will have their species name followed by a collection point if in fact this is known (most imported into Australia are not known). I would post a link if I was allowed to but.... Roy - Betta pi = arithmatic Betta due to the Greek symbol pi on their chins - the elephant Betta term is not that common name for them Also remember these names are invented to sell the fish to people who don't have any clue about correct naming of species - these common names also get made up by collectors and sellers to sell fish that seem to be something new - such as I announced a new line of wild type Striped Dragon Bettas (aka B. patoti) My advice - use the true name of each species - you will be more likely to get fish that are real and not just some mixed batch of fish named to sell to people who don't know betta :)
  5. bellica and simorum are much larger fish than smaragdina... by at least 3 - 5 cm longer....
  6. Congrats on winning the drawing of the fish Greg!!!!! +2 for what Sarah said - how about streaming video of the meetings? Sarah can have remote control of the camera so Matt doesn't hide behind the lens all the time!! :P
  7. A prize draw? Do we get a drawing of a prize? Good luck everyone!!!!!!
  8. @ Yan - wasn't worried about what you ordered at all - wholesalers get things wrong all the time - was simply pointing out that: B. strohi is the Blue Ninja Betta and B. foerschi is the Ninja Betta @matsay-raksita - lack of blue iridescence on any fish bought as B antuta could mean they are too young as you suggested (although they will colour up well before full size is reached). It could also be that they are female - generally its only the males in the unimaculata group that have the blue colouring. The chance of them being misnamed is always a possibility when purchased through a non-specialist source (ref to Yan's comments above about ordering one species and getting a different similar species supplied). @Adam - yes... NINJA Betta is B foerschi and the BLUE NINJA Betta is B strohi
  9. @ Adam - I am developing a wild betta resource which I am not allowed to link to on this forum, however please ask about any names you're not sure of and I'll attempt to help All you listed above are fine except: BETTA CF EDITHAE = BORNEO PEARL SPOT BETTA BETTA ANTUTA = TURQUOISE DRAGON BETTA Betta brownorum is the Scorpion Betta as Busman said..... @Yan: The NINJA Betta is B foerschi and the BLUE NINJA betta is B strohi @Bettarazzi: wrong Razzi - see above
  10. shouldn't need an excuse to ramble on about your fish Room is looking good Sarah.... make sure you have a spare bed installed in there just incase you end up in the "fish house" :P
  11. Aren't we there yet? Now everyone who checks out the new web site - go to the membership form and fill it out - become a member!!!!!!!!
  12. Nice pic on the front page Jarrod... all looking goo so far!!!! Let me know if you need a hand with anything or need any more email accounts or other things set up :)
  13. Well done Betta Australis team!!!!! Now is the time to join up everyone - this is your National Betta organisation!!!! Be part of it!!! :)
  14. I'm going to put a net under the limb incase Yan falls.... I agree get both and spawn both females with him!
  15. you mean like a nice copper / black girl or similar? That would work well although the full mask blue girl could produce some nice green / blue / steel fry with who knows what patters given the marble gene .....
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