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  1. Thank you Sarah! You are the only one that ever wishes me a happy bday on here lol

  2. Thank you Sarah! You are the only one that ever wishes me a happy bday on here lol

  3. Happy birthday!!!!

  4. Welcome! I checked out your store when we first moved here almost a year ago, but like Les, I don't get out there much as I live in Padbury. Great shop though!
  5. Never leave Les's house empty handed haha...Thanks Les!

  6. Love the background music! I miss having cories! Those ones look great!
  7. Welcome! You have definately come to the right place :)
  8. Thanks Ness, but I only have a wind-up LED torch at the moment. I have no batteries that work for my regular torch , but I will wind it up and try and get some decent shots...just wish the disgusting roach would get lost because I obviously can't spray in there
  9. 8/11/11 5 weeks old!!...(yesterday! oops!) I tried taking some photos, but they don't do my bubs any justice...plus there is a gross cockroach near the tank that manages to be in all of the photos. So, because I am a chicken, I will wait until the yucky roach is gone and I will try and take more photos. My biggest fry has a green metallic looking tinge to him, but he also looks like he has some red around his tail? He is starting to bully some of the others, so I think I will have to start seperating them soon because there is still a baby in there that is only half the size of the others...He is about the size of my new found 'CTPK' munchkin
  10. Goodluck! I hope it all works out! Have fun away!
  11. Welcome! Can't wait for piccies!!
  12. Hate to say it, but I would wait until you came back :)
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