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Banana, My Axolotl


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For Christmas, my sister Lacey brought me an axolotl!

I absolutely adore him (I think he is a boy), he is so cool. :) I named him Banana

At first, he was shy and didn't come out, but now he comes and says hello. Banana is very curious, and when Lacey came to see him, he even waved at her. :love:

Photos -

Smiling. :D


Sleeping funny :confused:.



The first meal I gave him was pellets.

He didn't see it, and it sunk down onto his head. Then, he was swimming around for ten minutes with it on his head! *lol*


He loves hiding in his pipe, much better than the plant I put in for him.


I wanted to mention that my sister got him from Auburn Aquarium, and she told me the guy there was very helpful. Since it was Christmas Eve, she was going to wait until the next day to give him to me, so the store guy put him in an extra large bag. So thank you very much for that! I really appreciate that! :bighug:

In the end I got him that day, as she thought it would be better to have him in a tank.

I'll pop some more photos up later if you like.

WIERDEST THING - two front legs have four fingers, and the two back legs have five fingers! :eek: They are the strangest creatures in many ways.

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Thanks Shadoh. He likes to smile after eating.. or when he sees somebody. :D

More piccies :photo: -


Coming to say hi. ^_^




He is quite proud too.. holds his head nice and high *lol* -



Too many photos, I'll see if I can merge the last two. <_<

Edit: Picture links.

I hope this merges, didn't work the first time so I tried to edit the links.

Side on -


So funny.. he came up to me, and walked up the glass wall, took a gulp of air (making a nice splash too), and swam back down. It was SO CUTE!!! This is the second time, I just manged to get this snap -


That's all... for now.:whistling:

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Well I'm sure it be so much more wonderful when you get the set-up. :)

150 gallons - that is ginormous!!! They'll love that!

I think Banana may be female now.

It is really difficult for me to tell, as she/he is my only one (for now :shifty:) and my very first ever, so I'm not too sure what to look for. All I can go by is what I see on the internet.

So here are some pictures. I'm hoping somebody who is an axolotl expert will see this...






Edit: Photo links.

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Thanks for the tip Lilli. :)

Yup, there is a thermometer in there - says 18*C .. I'm keeping a close eye on that. Although the weather we are having is hardly Summer...

Last two photos I couldn't fit in last night.. anyone know if Banana is male or female?



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B1 and B2! Love it!

Yeah, my 150 is going to be huge alright - 5 x 2 x 2. Big tank for my big fishes (when they grow up). I have severums, angels, acaras, bala sharks and a gibby, so they NEED a huge tank. :)

Worked that one well! Means I can get my axie. lol

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OK, I confess, it isn't quite 400L - 380L to be exact. It is 4ft, but very deep and wide. I got is as a Christmas present from PeachSlices. :)

Just my room... we are re-arranging it sometime these holidays so I can fit my tanks in. Out goes my huge collection of candles, decorations, a large wardrobe (I have two, I can squeeze my clothes into just one), and general stuff. I'm going to have a Betta wall! Yay! :cheer:

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Update. :)

I know how we all love photos. :D

A water change was done after these photos, so please excuse any poo and stuff you see. :blush:






That's my 5 photo limit. I have plenty more, plus a couple videos, one of her eating a pellet. :D

I'll see if I can pop those up with the photos.. if not, I'll put them up later. :)

Not the best video. Taken on my iPod, so that is why it is a funny strip-shape thing. Silly me, I was resting the iPod on an air-pump, so that is why it is vibrating, and that also explains the sounds. :giggle:


Banana eating a pellet. I love watching her eat. :D You can pretty much see right down into her stomach when she has that big grin on her face. *lol*

When Banana has a worm, she sucks it up like a strand of spaghetti. :blink: I'll try and get a video of that next time.


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I would not be using huge pebbles like that. Same reason you don't in 'fish' tanks, food and waste falls between and rots. The only time I'd ever use anything like that would be as a 'decoration' spread out over the top of a proper layer of gravel.

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Yeah I know. I have smaller gravel that is used with that, but took them out as I feared she may swallow them. It is only for a few more days until she can go into her permanent home.. though that has river rocks too.

I'm always careful with when I feed them, and remove any un-eaten food later, and give it a good siphon.

Thanks for the tip though Yan. :)

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I used two sucker fish to cycle their tank. As fast as they are.. I could not get them out. The tank is much too big, if I want to touch the bottom of it, I would be shoulder deep. So anyway, I was like oh well.. I guess that means my axies get a tasty snack.

The other day, Banana didn't finish her dinner.. and then I released.. there was only one sucker left. :blink: BANANA ATE IT! *lol* The silly suckers should have let me catch it.

But they are SO fast.. maybe she sneaked up on it while it was sleeping. I wish I got a photo. :photo:

Tried again to catch the other.. it is for its OWN GOOD, what about that doesn't it understand?

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I think Banana is male now. Since he has been in his big tank, he has gotten bigger, his gills are more 'feathery', plus his cloacal is getting bigger, rounder, plus there seems to be two "lumps".

I'll try and get a piccy, but Banana isn't a fan of having photos taken upside down. :giggle: Maybe at dinner tonight.

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