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Banana, My Axolotl


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Yeah, I was really worried about him, he looked so weak after he was out.

This is why I check on everything before I go to bed, when I get up & through various times during the day.... you just never know..

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'Lotl Love, Banana & Tenedor -


Banana is much shorter, Tenedor isn't even stretched out. :giggle:



Dawwww.... :wub:






You can see how this leg grew back deformed... it is really quite funny when he swims, I'll try & get a video when I can.

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Another of Banana's sleeping poses -



All together now! :dance:


Waving to the camera. :photo:


You may remember me saying I was starting to think Banana was female, as if he were male, his cloaca would be swollen right? Well, since Tenedor (whom I am certain is female has moved in) it has started to swell. Look at his cloaca in the photo, much bigger now - maybe baby axies are on the way! ;)


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Lol! Today, I read about how these guys have amazing regenerative properties including being able to re-grow limbs, spine and even brain! You think maybe when tenedor's gill got damaged, her brain got a little damaged too? Hasn't quite returned to normal maybe???

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Haha... maybe. Aristotle Axoltol's leg was eaten by fungas & grew back, but is not shorted than the other and is the wrong way around (as in the knee should bend the other way). It is sooo funny to watch him swim, one leg swinging one way, the other the other way. *lol*

Edit: Photo, you can see how one of his back legs is shorter.. you can't really tell that it is backwards, I'll get a video next time I see him swimming about -


That shorter back leg, was completely eaten by fungus.. all gone, he had no leg for a little while, just a stub. Pretty cool eh? I wish I could do that, re-grow lost limbs that is, not lose them by fungus. :blush: Then I could do sword fighting with no worries of losing my arm! :D

Banana & Tenedor are so cute together, they spend all day long just being together. :wub:

Although it is kinda funny, Banana looks so short next to Tenedor, little shorty. :)



Let's hope I'll get lots of pretty baby axies from them. :cheer:

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Banana really loves the fry saver net.. last night I caught him ON TOP, so decided to take a little video of a small feed.

Note that he only goes for the food that lands on his nose.. and likes fingers.

... then later he was still there, and realized if I turned the light on, I get better lighting. *duh*

You may or may not hear music.. depending on if I had my finger over the microphone. Sorry about that, just ignore. :embarrass:

You can see why I love feeding them so much!

I'll try & find a worm later, he slurps them up like spaghetti. :giggle:

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Hehe, thanks Matt. He knows it too. :D

Little cutie comes and waves to me when I go near the tank (which is often). He is the length of a pen, which just makes it even cuter! :wub:

Tenedor wanting a hug (I think) -




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Size differences, remember that they are on an angle, so it isn't QUITE that dramatic, but pretty close. *lol*


You can see the difference in Tenedor's gills, the left side was worse when I got her. :(


Banana's pouncing pose -


Let me out pose -



More to come. :)

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