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Banana, My Axolotl

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I am 100% sure Banana is a male. :cheer: He is loving life, and is quite the tame boy, not scared of me at all. I assume this is because he eats out of my hand. :love: Will even eat in front of 10 people crowding around his tank. *lol* Food is food says he.


I believe I'm getting a little better. :photo:

Instead of red eyes.. he get's.. yellow eyes? :dontknow:


My favourite picture right now -



Haha.. would say he didn't want anymore, but he is a poser!



Have a couple more.. but they are just the same face-shots. Look how his gills are growing!

He is getting fatter stronger.. increasing in bulk. He was super-skinny when I got him, nice and healthy now. :flex:

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Today Banana had some lovely morning sun.. he doesn't normally get this (got it as I left the door open so it came through from the next room's window).



Isn't he pretty? ♥

The sun filtered into this one little patch, and after a few minutes he got sick of it and walked (yes walked :giggle: ) away.

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A new sleeping pose for Banana. I had a better photo, but accidentally deleted the wrong one. :rant:


He was in a really funny pose last night also, and this morning, but I couldn't find the camera at the time, and missed it. I will snap it up when he does it again, he has gone there quite a bit before.. it is a surprise..

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While Tenedor was sleeping, Banana was having a great time swimming around (and running into things :giggle: ).

His (I'm just going to say his until he lays eggs) eyes are always yellow like this, while Tenedor's are red (she's an albino). Aristotle Axolotl's eyes are chocolate brown. :)

Look at those gills!


Skimming the water surface -


Glass distortion -



Swimming! I quite like this photo -


He has pretty weird eyes, they are like always reflective like that. Sometimes during the night I see a flash of two little yellow things.. :blink:

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Thanks Matt, I'm not trying to make you jealous.. I'll post more picture now. *lol*



The gorgeous things wave at me all the time. :wub:

Nice Gills me thinks -


Another picture -



You can see his freckle directly above his back leg. :giggle:


You are all going to love the next ones, I saved the best for last. :)

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Haha, how did I know Matt would say that?

Yeah, thanks Jarrod. :)

No, Tenedor is in a tank on her own, she will go in with Banana in a couple weeks. I'm just giving her more time to heal a little.

Aristotle Axolotl has swimming difficulties, so he is also on his own until his leg gets better. :)

Last ones. :D

Sitting on the driftwood -



I have no idea what he was doing with his leg. He just kept swinging it around in circles! :giggle:


And .. peek-a-boo!


Please ignore the reflection of the towel..


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Very tempting Jo, they are absolutely hideous. BUT you are in Tassie, so sorry about that.

At night, I sometimes see flashing yellow eyes near my bed from the axies. Would also see Tenedor's red eyes - but her tank is on an angle I can't see from my bed. They move a lot.. I hear tap tap tap from Tenedor, rocks moving GULP sounds, splashing.. they are really loud little ugly things. :devil:

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Banana's favourite way of sleeping - behind the fry saver (which is what he eats in) -




Nice & cozy, he wriggles into it, and can get out. :giggle:

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Today I put Tenedor & Aristotle Axolotl in the big tank with Banana. As soon as they were acclimatizing, Banana disappeared. He has been missing all afternoon, but the other two axies are loving the freedom of the 400L, they were in like 20L.

I had assumed he was just hiding in the clump of plants, until I happened to move the tree stump -





Not the best pictures I know, it is in the corner of the tank and is hard to get a shot of him in it.

Anyway, this was after he half fell out, but he was up at the top, curled in a ball like a puppy. :love:

That's Tenedor in the background by the way. ;)

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Hehe, yeah he has always been shy. :)

I'm starting to think he is a girl again, not because of the shy thing or anything like that.. just if he was male I thought his cloaca would be bigger by now. :confused:

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Before I went to bed last night, I checked on all my fish & axies like usual, and Banana was still in the tree stump.

He has gotten his head stuck in the little stand bit & couldn't get out. I had to put my hand in and push him out, while holding it upside down so he can swim out the other end. He looked really weak, and floppy... and I was afraid I had broken his leg.

So I put him in a small tank, luckily today he looks a lot better, sitting upright, leg OK. Looks to be OK.

I've taken the tree out.

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