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  1. Hahaha guess who left the blackworms out in a 40°c !! ewwwww

  2. Ill just quickly throw up that he is a bi colour, Ideally the body is one colour and the fins another with sharp restriction of the colours to their area, a strong contrast between the colours is also ideal. He doesn't have enough of the white banding in his fins to be classed as a butterfly however as a bicolour thats a third colour intrusion which could be a slight to severe fault what level takes a bit more time to figure out i would lean towards major (slight|minor|major|severe) For a female you have two options you can push more towards a butterfly, picking a female with strong white banding would work well with this male which is what i recommend, or you can go more towards removing the third colour by picking a female with no banding but could be in for more work with future spawns aiming towards that as well
  3. Wow the father is beautiful ! Very impressive you can see his great form being passed on to your fry already they are very tidy !
  4. They are coming up really nicely! some good colour appearing on them !
  5. It looks like you have a good number of fry! Congrats on ventrals
  6. Oh wow its so pointy and pretty nice job!
  7. Nice work =D im a fan of these guys i regret not purchasing one last meet heh!
  8. They are lovely! Sheldon is such a spunk
  9. The barracks looks really good!
  10. Whole lotta egg dropping not any spawning this weekend Doh!

  11. Yes ! this will be great =D i hope everyone can make it!
  12. Ohh exciting! The father is beautifull
  13. http://www.asofv.com.au/membership.html Single Member $30.00 per year Family membership $40.00 per year* Concession Membership $20.00 per year***
  14. Ahhh I see!! that will be interesting will you take them to a f2 spawn?
  15. Very cute! ive never worked with copper but they are much lighter then id expect does the copper come in later?
  16. I renewed my membership last night and its gone up to $30
  17. Neffy

    Storm Theory

    We are getting a bit of rain today and tomorrow dunno if they are considered "storms" is a gloomy showery day enough? ive been conditioning everything so might try some pairs tonight
  18. : dumbo : Since lavender works so well with dumbo i updated the HM PK to be a red dragon!
  19. Cool Thanks! I copy pasted it and double checked that is what i used
  20. Hi guys i sent you all my photos but i got a delivery error on your email addie The error that the other server returned was: 550 No Such User Here oh noes
  21. These are lovely! There is a much cleaner and even gold colour on your line now then when you started really cool !
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