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  1. Hahaha guess who left the blackworms out in a 40°c !! ewwwww

  2. Oh wow its so pointy and pretty nice job!
  3. The barracks looks really good!
  4. Whole lotta egg dropping not any spawning this weekend Doh!

  5. : dumbo : Since lavender works so well with dumbo i updated the HM PK to be a red dragon!
  6. Cool Thanks! I copy pasted it and double checked that is what i used
  7. Hi guys i sent you all my photos but i got a delivery error on your email addie The error that the other server returned was: 550 No Such User Here oh noes
  8. These are lovely! There is a much cleaner and even gold colour on your line now then when you started really cool !
  9. Well done!! I quite like the dark scales on the white dragon and orange fins lovely contrast!
  10. Im running out of colours! time for patterns : giant :
  11. A small break from wilds, these are easier/quicker to edit my other ones so im gonna fill in some missing tail types! : doubletail :
  12. Woo! fishy photos is one thing i have in abundance
  13. hehehe... i have nothing to do at work today.......
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