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  1. Hahaha guess who left the blackworms out in a 40°c !! ewwwww

  2. Neffy

    Unknown (Halfmoon of some sort) Male

    Ill just quickly throw up that he is a bi colour, Ideally the body is one colour and the fins another with sharp restriction of the colours to their area, a strong contrast between the colours is also ideal. He doesn't have enough of the white banding in his fins to be classed as a butterfly however as a bicolour thats a third colour intrusion which could be a slight to severe fault what level takes a bit more time to figure out i would lean towards major (slight|minor|major|severe) For a female you have two options you can push more towards a butterfly, picking a female with strong white banding would work well with this male which is what i recommend, or you can go more towards removing the third colour by picking a female with no banding but could be in for more work with future spawns aiming towards that as well
  3. Great photos everyone!! All the best
  4. Neffy

    Marble Dragon HMPK x Turquoise CT

    beautifull colours !!
  5. Neffy

    PF200913 Blue Splash HMPK Spawn

    Wow the father is beautiful ! Very impressive you can see his great form being passed on to your fry already they are very tidy !
  6. Neffy

    copper HMPK x black lace HMPK

    They are coming up really nicely! some good colour appearing on them !
  7. Neffy

    PF301013 Copper Sandstorm HM Pair

    It looks like you have a good number of fry! Congrats on ventrals
  8. Neffy

    What killies are available in AUS?

    Oh wow its so pointy and pretty nice job!
  9. Neffy

    Lavender Multicolour HM Plakat F1 spawn log

    Nice work =D im a fan of these guys i regret not purchasing one last meet heh!
  10. Neffy

    2013 Ausaqua photography competition

    eee ok i sent again to new email yay
  11. Neffy

    Black orchid CT x CT

    They are lovely! Sheldon is such a spunk
  12. Neffy

    The fish table...

    The barracks looks really good!
  13. Whole lotta egg dropping not any spawning this weekend Doh!

  14. Yes ! this will be great =D i hope everyone can make it!
  15. Neffy

    PF200913 Blue Splash HMPK Spawn

    Ohh exciting! The father is beautifull