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Banana, My Axolotl


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Really? I thought they were new! Oh no... sorry. Well that's all for now, going to upload a video of Tenedor eating a grub, took it the other night - I know its new!

Edi: Is that a pirate ninja Matty Boy?

This is me - :ph34r:

Singing, ninja Sarah.. :ph34r:

Edited by Sarah
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Love how you jump up to throw them. *lol*

... but a true ninja stays true to his (or her) training.. never quits the training. As ninjas are not quitters. So hahahahahahaha... :ph34r:

Tenedor eating a grub, I hadn't fed her one before this..

:ph34r: Away!!

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It was still alive. :P

Could have cut it, but didn't really want to.. she got it down all the same. I haven't really been finding bugs and worms lately, I think it is seasonal, so it was a nice treat for her. :)

Hehe, yeah they always seem so proud of themselves after 'catching' something. *lol*

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Haha, not bulling Busman Paul.. were just playing ninjas, well Matty Boy is playing ninja, I, on the other-hand - am a true ninja. :ph34r:

Matty Boy here.. is just in training. Don't worry my grasshopper, you shall in time, become like a true ninja, like me. Hahahahaha.

:ph34r: Ninja Away, Ninja Sarah. :ph34r:

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Haha, no worries Young Grasshopper Busman Paul.

One day, you shall find what a true ninja finds to be cyber-bulling. But true ninjas are never bullied, or the bucket shall fall on the victims, or the 'attackers'.

Sorry, I feel very ninja-ish today.


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Meet Sonriente, name is Spanish for Smiley -



Gills appear yellowish under the flash -


He is currently living on his own, has a bit of fungus on his lip, but that's healing up really well. Should be able to go with the other axies in a week or so. Isn't eating yet, seems to be scared of food! Other than that, seems quite healthy. :)

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Hehe, thanks. :)

Jarrod - he is one of the black ones! Something with the camera/light.. :notsure:

He'll be right. :P

Banana -


Thought I'll give the axies in the big tank a bit of a brain tease. Food in a plastic container -




This photo really shows the relationship of the axies -


Banana & Tenedor are always together, Aristotle Axolotl is the 'outsider'. :(

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