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Happy Birthday Goldenblue And Phil And Peanutmoravcik!


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Thankyou very much everyone! :D And Happy birthday to Goldenblue and Peanutmoravcik!!

I had my party where I was so happy that everyone that said they could make it did (well except 2) and the Ausaqua trio Lisa, Abbey and Sin (well Sin joined this forum once!) made an appearance on behalf of you guys :D

After the party everyone went out to a local Nightclub, and I don’t think I got home till about 4am (I think!)

Drinks were just being handed to me by all my friends, every time you turn around there was another that I had to call in Abbey and Sin as the official drink holders cause I could only hold 3 at a time lol

That was about all that happened although I did meet a new friend that was very nice! :)

And after all that, I feel fine thismorning.

Its funny, there are us 3 on here plus about 4 other people I know of that have the same Bday!!

Thanks again for the Bday wishes! :)

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