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  1. Listing updated -- thanks, someone!
  2. I've just had a couple of days at Evans Head (northern NSW), and saw some little fish I didn't recognise. They came in to the river mouth on the rising tide, in amongst schools of mullet, juvenile tailor, and the usual beach/estuary fish. They were small and probably juveniles, I guess (c. 6-7cm); flat-bodied, like a scat or mono; and strikingly marked with very clear zebra stripes. Anyone know what they might be?
  3. Aaaargh!! Being forced to choose from so many highly desirable options is doing my head in! CURSE YOU AUSAQUASCUM! (PS. Joking, as if you didn't know)
  4. Hope you had a terrific day, chick!
  5. Thank you one and all! I had a beaut day -- got taken to breakfast by Tony and the family, pampered all day, the grandboys brought me flowers and I had a terrific dinner at home tonight. What more could a Nana want?
  6. *BUMP* Just wanted to let people know that the sticky list of State links for permitted species has been checked and updated where necessary.
  7. I haven't quite decided yet. I guess I will eventually, but I'm just not sure where, and it needs a bit of maintenance work first :(
  8. I think probably because the tank is so choc-a-bloc, there are enough distractions for the gouramis not to start targetting other fish. If you are hoping to breed the blue dwarf gouramis, are you certain you have both sexes? Fish shops tend to sell only males.
  9. Ollie the Oscar has gone to a new home. He was never the same after his near-death experience when the filter shorted out in his tank, and he gradually became blind. His vision was so poor that he had trouble catching live food, so that one of his tasty snacks (a blue crayfish) escaped into the rocks and lurked there, unnoticed, until she became quite a respectable size. Older meant bolder, leading to a tussle with Ollie that cost her a claw. However, she gradually started taking her revenge, popping out from the rocks to nip at Ollie's tail when his head was turned. Ollie started to look distinctly -- er, moth-eaten. This week, we had to make arrangements to transfer Ollie and the cray out of the 4-footer (which has to be moved so we can lay new carpet to replace the old one that got wrecked when the downstairs got flooded last November). Anyway, Cecy's boyfriend managed to break the only other large tank we had, which was to be Ollie's temporary home (I TOLD him it was very heavy!) So, there was no alternative but to re-home Ollie. He has gone to a friend of my daughter's, where he is settling in well, being pampered and hopefully growing back his tattered fins. The crayfish (christened Grunt Scuttlebutt) now has a tank all to herself, and has been adopted by my daughter. I didn't actually set out to keep a crayfish, and don;t know much about them, so any hints would be appreciated! :(
  10. Possibly sporozoan cysts ("nodular disease"), caused by encysted myxozoan spores. These can be quite localised, and be present for quite a while. If that's what it is, there is no treatment, unfortunately. Some fish can survive with the infection for extended periods.
  11. As one of those involved previously, I'd heartily endorse Lilli's comments. However, I would add one thing. A club does NOT necessarily have to go the legalistic route of incorporation and all that jazz. This is really only an issue of there is likely to be money or property involved on any scale. If not, you can go ahead and happily form yourselves into a club or society or special interest group or whatever you want to call yourselves. There is a lot of benefit in formalising things to the extent of having some kind of written charter. It helps if the group has to think through issues like: what is our aim how do we intend to achieve it who is involved how do people join are there any "rules" about involvement etc etc. A lot of good groups strike trouble when they suddenly realise that people's unwritten assumptions aren't all the same.
  12. VickiPS

    Betta uberis

    Gee, they're beautiful, aren't they? Looks like you've provided an optimum environment for them, too. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  13. Hey, Trace, long time no something-or-other! Good to see you :)
  14. What a shame about the sparkling gouramis, Lilli! I share your enthusiasm for them; they are absolutely fascinating little creatures, and so pretty.
  15. Great location, J-L! Wish I'd seen this thread sooner. Anyway, bless this shop and all who sail in her! I'll be passing the word around.
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