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  1. well considering the number of females i have i should re-start some melano HM lines. at least that the intention!
  2. unfortunately no, all that i have left are 2 pk, 1 melano wannabe and a whole bunch of turq young females every single other male that looked promising decided to visit his great great grandfather. On the female bunch they are a spawn that was in the garage and mixed up from 3-4 spawns
  3. howdy ho people! LOng long time no c unfortunately and abruptly i had some issues to resolve and finally after along while its all more or less settled. Hope everyone is still kicking hard ! ont he counter part, and as part of leaving fish minding in the "good hands" of my lovely sister my fish population has been almost totally decimated . With the exclusion of one tank which astoundingly survived. and some scattered survivors. time for a serious clean up, n get working again !! cheers and all the best!
  4. jumper


    welcome!! u r right Bren! more peeps our way finally!! :blink:
  5. :eek: And that's the way it oughta be! confirmed brisbane interview visit Arrival Thursday 8th Feb Depart 14th Feb lemme hope i'm what they expect and vice versa :)
  6. :) yai! lets do a "melbournian fishie" invasion , after that we can... Conquer the world!! :eek:
  7. well at the moment i am leaving /trying the place out for short. IF the job is good and the business opportunity is as bright as i am seeing. i 'll "push" her over there.... MAYBE she might come up as well... Anyways... i think its also time that she started fending for herself more, she aint getting any younger... . Gee do i sound like a strict, hand cuff Dad ?? Mishy, when you gonna do the jump?? :)
  8. mate, once my employment is set n ready iw ill return to melb to pack my things up. as alays (and whilst i am single) i think i can afford one last move in terms of the water, back in SE Asia, we are all used to boil water prior drinking/cooking. Being here in melb and being able to drink straight outa tap was a privilege! not too worried about boiling for myself frankly. only if i have to boil it for the fishes , then i think i will need a huge boiler sounds like i need to get back on the gym to fit in that fire escape! EDIT: Tentative interview plan arrive Bris
  9. :) not too sure about the recycled water thingo though. i think it means we would have to put nutrients back into it . i actually quite liked the buses/trains/houses over there. you can retreat to the safenet of the air con room, or just sweat it out in the backyard, whilst over here is more like freeze out (with the odd occasion of a nice hot day). as a natural fact somehow my hair will turn mid brown instead of close to black as it is here. and i would give my soul to get some curling hair roots at all... i should be flying over there in the forthcoming two weeks or so, for a job
  10. they would probably be the second thing/batch of things i would send if all goes well
  11. cant wait to see pics Celeste!! :)
  12. :) yeah Lady, after 14 yrs in melb i think i rather have 4 seasons through a year instead of a day... http://ausaqua.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif and yes, job hmmm after all these thinking and checking out, i might even try to go there for a few motnhs to "suss" it out even more... my two biggest "stoppers" is my sister is still here (she is my baby.... and will be no matter what <-big brother thoughts) and my fishes... i am not parting with my fighters! http://ausaqua.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif
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