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LED Strips 60LED/m 20,000K Cool White


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Hi All

I am chatting with my distributors and would like to know if you guys are interested on trialing some LED Strips.

They are 60LEDs per meter and they emit a cool white colour and 20,000K. Because they emit a high K amount the will appear bluish.

As a basis of comparison Daylight is 6500k

20,000 will penetrate water in a depth of 5m and it is primarily used with corals.

However because it is blue it will simulate growth in plants as well.

I am looking for 10 guinea pigs to help me test the DIY units out.

You will get it at cost price which is $30.00

so the way it looks is as follows:

OOO---------------OOO---------------OOO---------------xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Power adapter]


OOO 5cm LED Strip

--------------- 15cm electrical cord

xxxxxxxxxxxx 1m electrical wire

[Power adapter] 12V DC Power Adapter

This will consume 0.54 W and 0.06A

So if you are interested please let me know if you are interested in this trial.



I have had a shipment from these guys before and I can guarantee that there LEDs will not fade as some as you see from eBay or other websites.

I am looking at:

1. Performance does it grow your plants

2. Longevity does it do as it is advertised which is 20,000 hours of uptime

3. Electricity conservation as it only uses 0.54W of electricity is it a worthwhile investment choice

There are other questions but thought of the above to start with

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Hey Matt shipping should be an extra $8 will put it in one of those 500g red satchel bags...

Australia wide shipping

Or if you are in Sydney more then welcome to pick it up at my place in Lidcombe

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Thanks all

4 more to go..

Here is a video I made of the prototype for the 6500K it was done at midday but with all the blinds down.

It is a little dark but it is because it is 6500K. For the 20000K it will be 3x as bright and might put in some UV LEDs as well.


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Sorry Jarod made it unlisted now.

The 20k will be much brighter these are only the 6500k and with only 15cm worth it would be fairly dark.

when we get the trial people together i'll make an order and get them in.

I'll experiment on it first and when it's all successful will send it off to you guys to try out..

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Let me know davo. I am already quite happy with the 6500k and 400nm strips. They are sustaining my plants quite well with a 10 hour cycle. Even better that they cost next to bugger all to run.

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