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  1. Hi Davo, Sorry, been laid flat with a nasty case of pharyngitis. Will send you payment now. Sorry about the delay
  2. I'm interested so sign me up as a guinea pig!
  3. I would like to thank everyone, (including those who took my bristlenoses and plants ) The lovely copper pair are currently sitting on my desk in their nice shiny new digs! Lovely to meet you all and would like to thank you all (Especially Lisa) for a lovely and informative day yesterday!

    I hope you have a wonderful 25th, and year to come!!!

  5. I have my cherries in with my guppies, and they are breeding away happliy. Very non fussy little creatures.
  6. Oh noes I'm so sorry to hear that Tegs. *hugs*
  7. Sadly, that was the pretty boy. The fry are still at the boring pale stage. I really hope that his pretty pattern and colouration has some dominance though.
  8. I had to move my small tank today, due to a flooding disaster behind my dishwasher, and my adult guppies in the tank are a little freaked. To make it very sad, my pretty boy squeezed inbetween a gap in the lid. I just found him far too late. He was very crispy. *cry* At least I have many of his babies, and maybe there will be some more very pretty little mutt guppies.
  9. hmmmm.....I like that word.....can I have one as well? ;)
  10. Spook

    The 1st Step

    Hi hi! But it is such a pretty oscar that you feed the guppies to. Any pictures of the elusive marine nano? Halina
  11. While not sure on the amounts, I'm sure that your bettas would love both pellets and bloodworms.
  12. Spook

    Hi Fish Folks!

    Hehehe, he looks even better in person. I wish I could get a good shot of the both of those boys together. Starting to get tuxedos on some of the first ikle fish :(
  13. Hi everyone I've been dabbling in the world of fish for a year or so, joined here when I got my first betta...then left when he became an exbetta. Kept mollies for a while, then came back here on the advice of terribletegs, as I am now happily keeping some of her fantastic guppies. I am also very interested in he whole aquascaping thing, so my tanks have a fair bit of plantlife. Next project will be a grow out tub on the verandah...but I have to find the right tub first.
  14. Java moss would be a good one as well. Also Hornwort. It's a stem plant but very hardy, and seems to have a texture that fish dont like. Also doesnt need much light.
  15. Hi everyone Wandering around the internet I came across this forum, lurked a little, and now decided to join -this very blurry photo is Ghoti, my second ever fish. (Fish number one was also a fighter, however came home ill and never got better:() I'm slowly starting to scape my 1foot tank, but as I have no artistic flair, it is taking a while . I hope that I'll be able to learn a lot from you all. ---------------- Spookshow "listening to A Perfect Circle - Blue"Baby
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