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  1. dwalk

    Wild types

    Anyone keeping wilds at the moment??
  2. Im hoping so, plenty of food and they should go again soon enough. I got them from Coburg aquarium.
  3. he swallowed them unfortunately... but it was the first time so was kinda expecting it. Hopefully next time he will hold them all the way through and nice to know I can get the conditions right for them to breed.
  4. Hey everyone, I got a pair of Macrostomas a month ago, I've had them in a 6 foot planted tank feeding them heaps of pellets, frozen brine shrimp and blackworms. They have been feeding really well and eat everything i put in there, including my fingers. So friendly and been fantastic fish. I came home today to feed the Macs and found the boy with a massive mouth, hiding up the back. First time they have spawned and I'm hopeful he holds onto them. I will try get some photos up soon.
  5. thats a fair old list you got yourself. I received the Nothos a couple days ago, been busy fattening up the girls getting them ready to lay some eggs. I will keep you posted.
  6. dwalk

    My Wilds

    I found backing the bettas off and cutting down on tanks to be a big help, I switched from having a heap of little tanks to 2 big 6 foot ones and have my species list way smaller. Now im enjoying it much more again. I stopped breeding bettas so thats cut down heaps on water changes and worrying about each having their own space. If you looking to offload some Macs in the future I know a guy who will probably take a pair off your hands
  7. dwalk

    My Wilds

    hey Afr3178, I went through a bit of this a little while ago. When things start to pile up either work load or school or a combination of those sorts of things, water changes, feeding fry and general tank cleaning can become a real pain/time consuming and the enjoyment aspect does start to loose its appeal. Hopefully you don't give it all away, you have a great collection you wild bettas.
  8. I have a couple pairs of nothobranchius guentheri on the way so hope to get those going as well. Already have a heap of the F. gardneri eggs "eyed' up so waiting for those to pop out. what do you species do you have at the moment maddzvk?
  9. Got myself 2 pairs of these little guys for something different. Giving bettas a rest for a while. Great little fish, and already busy collecting eggs. Hopefully will be adding more species to the list soon.
  10. dwalk

    Jarring Fry?

    Hi Dan, What I would do if I was you, use one of the tanks as a spawn tank like your thinking and as long as the breeding goes well I would divide another of the tanks in half for the parents, thats 15L each and leaves you with a spare tank. So then hopefully you end up with the mum and dad recovering in the same tank and your fry all in the other. Now im sure other people on here would agree that not all fry grow at the same rate, you will see that some will become dominate and good at finding food and soon will be slightly bigger, over the first couple weeks I would leave them all in the the same tank but after say a month or so I would split the spawn in half and put them in the unused third tank. Try get the bigger ones together in the same tank, that way the smaller ones have a chance to catch up in growth. so now you have 50% in tank number 1, 50% in tank number 2 and mum and dad in tank number 3. splitting the spawn will mean better water quality and less competing for food so faster growth rate. when you do have to jar, I use food take away containers. you can stack them up on top of each other and each one sits in his or her own water without sharing. So if one gets sick it can be contained. Leave the heater in the bottom of the tank and add enough water to keep it covered and then you can stack the take away containers up inside the tank, as long as you cover the top with cover glass or glad wrap that should trap enough heat to keep all the containers warm enough, even the ones not sitting in water. Maybe wrap a towel around if you are worried about water temp but it works for me. Make sure you change the water each day, you say you have plenty of time so shouldnt be a problem, I normally change the water and then feed them straight away while i have access to them and in no time they will be fully grown. others might have other ways you could use but as I said, thats what I would do if I was you.
  11. very clever, you could stock a whole heap of fish in those tanks and the extra nitrate etc would be sucked up by the veggies in no time.
  12. dwalk

    my macrostoma

    I would say, the last pic is female. If you have 2 like that all the time then you got 2 girls. the first pic looks like a boy to me. you can see the marking on his check is slighty orange and black and dorsal fin also has a faint spot of orange too. I think but could be wrong, you got 2 girls and a boy.
  13. Not something I'm looking to try again in the near future, just worked out that way. And your right bettarazzi, going to be alot of mouths very quickly. First batch will be free swimming at some stage today I think
  14. Hi Guys, Came across this today, I have a male from the MG dragon spawn I had a little while back, thought I would keep the line going and got a heap of girls to choose from. Picked out a nice little girl for him about 4-5 days ago, gave them a day in the tank together, the usual routine I go through. I keep my spawn tank down really low, dont know why but for some reason I found I have much better success with breeding, and the lighting isnt the best where it is either. Anyway, after 2 days I couldnt see any eggs in the massive nest he blew under a AL leaf so I swapped the girl out and put in a sister, came home from work around lunch and found them wrapping and saw some eggs. I went to take a couple pics, and got a brighter light and with a closer look found tails in the nest already!! So this little guy on his first time mated with 1 girl, then 2 days later with another and now has both batches in his nest.... what a champ!! I guess the only thing now is....could he make it 3 from 3??? You can see eggs on the right, and tails on the left fresh eggs
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