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  1. thats a fair old list you got yourself. I received the Nothos a couple days ago, been busy fattening up the girls getting them ready to lay some eggs. I will keep you posted.
  2. I have a couple pairs of nothobranchius guentheri on the way so hope to get those going as well. Already have a heap of the F. gardneri eggs "eyed' up so waiting for those to pop out. what do you species do you have at the moment maddzvk?
  3. Got myself 2 pairs of these little guys for something different. Giving bettas a rest for a while. Great little fish, and already busy collecting eggs. Hopefully will be adding more species to the list soon.
  4. very clever, you could stock a whole heap of fish in those tanks and the extra nitrate etc would be sucked up by the veggies in no time.
  5. Is this thing going to get off the ground? do we have enough people yet?
  6. very impressive list indeed! Are you looking at selling some?
  7. what the temp of the tank? if its not ammonia then it could be the temp of the water, cold water makes yabbies slow right down and into hibernation. also there may not be enough oxygen in the water, if he is getting up on top of things in the tank he is trying to get to the surface for air.
  8. So I picked up a couple tanks from Subscape a while ago and was looking to plant one out, the question is how much light will I need?? what sort of watts? should I go LED (found a couple cheap options on ebay) or T5 fluro?? Tank specs are 32" long x 18'' high x 16'' deep, or in centimetres, 81 x 46 x 41. Sp. I plan on having in there are; Alternanthera reineckii java fern Eleocharis Belem taiwan moss/flame moss. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Yabbies are mainly vegetarian, they will eat most decaying plant matter and probably most fish food but you could try some copped up carrot. I used to have some kicking around as bait for fishing and the carrot will keep them happy.
  10. I would use a razor to remove as much of it as i could, you could also use isopropyl alcohol (someone else has recommended it on here before) to get rid of any left over. Works well. Nicola is right, Selley's glass has use for aquariums on the front.
  11. i Have thought about this idea, i had played with the idea of using plastic over the walls to create a kinda of hot house inside a room. The problem being then condensation, then again I've only got 3 tanks so im not that worried. I will however be interested in what you do Wild Nut and how it works out for you.
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