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  1. Yes chi I got it thanks, btw with the worms how do I use them
  2. hey redsnow , i think i hve some of the little bloodworms, but are they more better then freshly hatched bbs.
  3. MT Syndrome i feed them Just newly hatched baby brine shrimps. Yeah i was thinking about throwing some into another tank but then i got 3 spawns atm, and i got two tubs that are ready when i start jaring them. maybe if i feed them something different, myt work and i also been culling the little runts, about 20 of them so far.
  4. 8weeks Fry They are very tiny compare to other peoples spawns,
  5. thanks for the lights david, it looks good even on my 4ft tank.
  6. yeah davo i think ill drop by on sat, pm me your address and phone number. cheers
  7. Hey davo, i was wondering do you have any LED lights for sale for a 4ft tank, mine wont work even when i changed the light bulb, and my fry are pretty much blind when its night time, if you have any LED for 4ft tank. just PM ME
  8. yeah i was thinking about them as my light just dropped and broke around now.
  9. watching this spawn makes me excited to see how mine turns out aswell, im hoping ill get Atleast One yellow fingers crossed.
  10. lol its surprising how you got that yellow one in there what an odd one, but its a keeper!!
  11. Heres an Update on my 5weeks old fry and i counted around 110-120, its a massive sized batch i know it doesnt look like theres much in it, because the tank is 4ft. i do about 4-6feedings a day tryna boost growth sprout. very happy with them and there just starting to colour up on there tails Will update more when colours are brighter.
  12. is there a switch to turn it on and off or do we have to unplug it
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