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  1. Zui

    HI :)

    Glad to have you here Tallee. There is plenty of very knowledgeable people here who can help you out no end. Once you have the tank set up at home I'm sure your BF will love it as much as you. Regards Zui
  2. Zui

    Hi All

    G'day Alex. Don't be shy and tell us what you are into. Plenty of knowledgable people here. Also you maybe able to help others with your knowledge. Anyway glad to have you "on board" .
  3. Zui

    What to do

    How many times a day are you feeding. Starvation happens very quickly in young!
  4. Hi Shirley and welcome to the forum. There are so many different types of guppies to choose from so good luck with them. Keeping and breeding any fish requires time and dedication so I hope you can manage it with your busy schedule. In saying that, keeping a sorority of bettas is very rewarding and not to taxing of your time. Keep us up to date of your progress (pics always appreciated). Remember the only silly question is one not asked. Regards Zui
  5. G'day Ben, Check out Jha for all things splendens. x2 for the SSS. Good luck with your sorority
  6. Great photos maddie :applaud:/> Looks like you got some great fish off Jim
  7. Zui


    Great photos Ash. Lovely looking fish
  8. Very lovely looking feature MT :applaud:/>
  9. I use 2 x 25 lt drums with an airstone for at least 24hrs (daily)
  10. I work on the principal if it works for you. Stick to it!
  11. Hi Brenton, Most will probably disagree but I don't pre heat my water. I aerate my water for at least 24 hrs with prime and do my water changes. I breed peps and angels so I am doing atleast 150-200 litres per week. My betta barracks is 27 litres and it gets a 20% w/c p/w. It runs a sump type system and the water that goes in isn't heated. HTH
  12. Happy birthday ness.:Drunk_Buddies2:/>
  13. Zui

    Hi there!

    G'day Evee87 Fantastic to have you here. There are plenty of knowledgable people on this forum who can help you with your breeding. Also plenty of other species keepers aswell Enjoy you fish. Regards Zui
  14. Sounds fair to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My wife would have killed her for eating her chocolate :rofl:/>
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