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Better Homes & Gardens Aquascaping Special goes to air tonight


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Fame and fortune await Subscape's talented aquascaper, and international award winner winner chicken dinner Jordan Ngoh...

Better Homes & Gardens Aquascaping Special goes to air Friday 10th 7:30pm Channel 7.

Featuring Australia's very own Jordan Ngoh and his award winning Aquascape.


Aquascaping is the latest gardening craze coming out of Japan and Graham will show you the craft of arranging an artful underwater landscape. Grow a fabulous garden underwater & enjoy the peacefully beautiful results. "




Jodan is also a ninja


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I don't understand why they do that - yeah effectively it'll rot - my crap lfs tried to sell me ferns and beautiful fancy palms as underwater plants.

Lucky i'm on to them! I totally would have been sucked in if I had't known better.... what's the point?

That's one way to trick a n00b and discourage them from keeping real plants.

I get devo enough when my proper underwater ones turn to sludge...

stupid crypts.


wow. ness. really? gross.

I DONT CARE THO they look.. green. and from a distance (across the road) they look great!

Next step: purple substrate!

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The tank shots where really nice so im glad i watched it anyway, i got an overall rushed feeling from the presentation cram as much as they could into the short time frame, and he did say the mondo grass wouldnt survive after awhile! but it was a nice promotion of the artform in the end!

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