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  1. Happy belated birthday BT! Hope you had a good day :balloons:
  2. For a few weeks it might be pretty difficult to manually keep it cool. I reckon your best bet would be to start looking for somewhere cooler. So when summer comes you can move him there and he'll be chilled all day without you having to check on him. If worse comes to worse, and you have the time to do what MT said then that will be fine. If you're willing to spend some money then you could buy a cooler but that's a bit expensive.
  3. 94- what state do you live in? In VIC the tap water has a pH around 7 but is really soft. If you leave it overnight with an airstone I think it drops to just above 6 (if I remember correctly). I think rainwater has a pH less than 7 because of chemicals in the air. Same sort of principal as acid rain but not quite so dramatic I think. Personally I would get rain water tanks for bettas but it depends on what you're keeping as well.
  4. And everyone can add their experience and unlike a care sheet it will be like a care thread for each species. But I like the idea. It's definitely hard for newbies to find info and if each species had their own topic it would be much easier! The only thing I ask is you make sure you spell the names right! It frustrates me seeing misspelt names in an information section... The 'Betta' should have a capital letter at the start but the following word should all be lower case, no capitals. I.e macrostoma not Macrostoma. Just one of my pet hates :P
  5. What I do, is when given the option I copy the IMG code on photobucket, not the direct one. Then I just paste it in my post and I have a photo, don't use the special insert IMG tool or anything else. Just copy IMG code and paste
  6. http://www.ausaqua.net/index.php/topic/15486-adding-pictures-into-your-post-since-the-recent-upgrade/#entry173211 Brenton just made this, goes through it all step by step.
  7. Hello Betta fan! Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place to talk about bettas and learn about them! Don't be afraid to ask any questions, everyone is really friendly and there are some really knowledgeable people on here. We're all suckers for photos so when you get some of your bettas, we'd love to see them! Have fun!
  8. afr3178


    Looks stunning, Ash! Doing an awesome job with killie fry, sucks about the ich though hopefully you can knock it on the head soon, lucky you found it early! Good luck :D
  9. afr3178

    F. Striatum

    He looks awesome! Really love the vibrant colour on him, very interesting!
  10. Same here, most will probably disagree with me but this works a treat for me. I don't age water, I use the hot and cold taps to get it the right temperature then once it's good (judged by being a human thermometer) I'll connect a hose and fill the tank up with it... I don't add conditioner but that's because Melbourne water is great and I don't have any problems. I wouldn't really recommend it in any other state though. If you can, I really want to invest in a large storage container. I think it would make my fish happier. Plus temperature will be the same, water will be free of chlorine
  11. If you don't like sucking on the siphon, all you have to do is fill up the big tube with water, block the opposite end of pipe with your finger, then trying not to lose water, flip the big tube upside down. Release your finger slowly so the water slowly fills the smaller tube, then once again block it with your finger when the water has flowed to near the bottom of the smaller tube. Put the big tube back in the tank, fill with water (may need to tip it upside down in the tank) and then let to of your finger and it will flow. Sounds a but complex, but once you get the hang of it, it's really qu
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