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  1. Love the pair! Both stunning Good luck with the fry!
  2. Which pic?? Just saying I did a pretty darn good job of camera-dodging that day
  3. If I have those wormy things correctly identified to the wormy things I have sometimes seen, I read that they are from too must waste in the aquarium. If you did muck up your filter clean and the tank needs to cycle again then that would make sense since there wouldn't be bacteria to break down wastes. They're not harmful so don't worry. When you cleaned the sponge in the filter did you use tap or tank water?
  4. Happy belated birthday BT! Hope you had a good day :balloons:
  5. For a few weeks it might be pretty difficult to manually keep it cool. I reckon your best bet would be to start looking for somewhere cooler. So when summer comes you can move him there and he'll be chilled all day without you having to check on him. If worse comes to worse, and you have the time to do what MT said then that will be fine. If you're willing to spend some money then you could buy a cooler but that's a bit expensive.
  6. afr3178

    Fry Fin Melt?

    Definitely looks like fin melt. Personally I treat with tetracycline or Tri sulpha and have had good results.
  7. Yeah I think he looks fine! Sounds and looks like he just had too much to eat I wouldn't be too worried, you're doing the right things. His fin will heal too. Not too bad a problem, the water changes and salt will be helping him heal properly. The new growth between the two parts of the fin may start clear but will get colour overtime and soon you won't be able to tell it was ever torn! He's a lucky fish, being treated like royalty keep up the good work. We're always happy to help whenever you encounter a new problem!
  8. afr3178

    My Wilds

    No.. Four weeks ago haha. Still really early I'm thinking I might take some photos today for you all to see!
  9. Do you reckon if I were to say strip eggs from an unprepared mouthbrooder and put the eggs in meth blue that they would hatch?
  10. afr3178

    My Wilds

    Really well actually, thanks for asking. I have a day off tomorrow (already ) so am going to spend most of tonight working with my fish. Doing the final tank move and cleaning empty and dirty tanks.
  11. afr3178

    soft water

    94- what state do you live in? In VIC the tap water has a pH around 7 but is really soft. If you leave it overnight with an airstone I think it drops to just above 6 (if I remember correctly). I think rainwater has a pH less than 7 because of chemicals in the air. Same sort of principal as acid rain but not quite so dramatic I think. Personally I would get rain water tanks for bettas but it depends on what you're keeping as well.
  12. afr3178

    My Wilds

    Okay. So I'm nearly done with tank moving. Two 2ft tanks got sold on the weekend so made space for my big macrostoma spawning tank. That got moved down tonight. It's still cloudy because I just filled it up, but I'm really happy. In the next couple of weeks the rest of the fish should be gone so I'll just be left with my macrostoma. I want to switch two tanks on the shelf then I'm done with tank moving. Current set up:
  13. afr3178

    My Wilds

    Yeah, well that's what it's all about, true? So as long as I am enjoying the fish then I am doing the right thing. Razzi- I sent you a PM. Thanks myster looking at $100+ easily depends on the age and who is selling it.
  14. afr3178

    My Wilds

    The two 2ft are on hold at the moment. I need to wash and test how water tight the 3ft is. I am just scaling down. I'll still be keeping about 6 tanks. I'm excited because I'll be able to dedicate more time to keeping each individual tank clean. I think I will just have two empty tanks full of water change water on the top shelf until I have a spawn to fill them... If that makes sense lol. I doubt I will get upsize over the summer break. Instead just give the macrostoma I will have a better environment to spawn and grow. Plus I can spend more time watching and enjoying the fish :)
  15. afr3178

    My Wilds

    Yeah, dwalk I think that is definitely the way to go for the time being. Until I get some massive purpose built set up that can pretty much water change itself. At AI they have a plug and tap in each tank, water changes are a breeze! I think this weekend majority of my species will be leaving. Once those tanks are empty I will be selling the standard two foot tanks as well as two 30cm cubes and a three foot tank. My plan is move everything onto the shelf, I'm still deciding what I will have where but so far the big macrostoma spawn tank is definitely bottom shelf. All four of the standard two foot will be gone so that only leaves me with four tanks and three shelves... Not too bad I guess. Maybe introduce smaller ones for small fry before moving into the bigger 70 odd litre tanks. This weekend will be lots of work, moving tanks off the shelf, moving fish around, water changing everything left (haven't had one in ages!) my tests at school have started so most of my time has been spent downstairs in the study. I've been feeding when I can but that is pretty much it... I definitely know my fish will be so much better off with James and Maddie! Their colours will actually come out and it won't be long before they are all spawning. Sucks that I can't do them justice but am glad that they are going somewhere they will be treating like Kings (and Queens ). I'll try to update this on Sunday once most of the weekend has passed just to see how the shelf has changed over the two days and let you all know what species I have left!
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