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  1. I have seen tank that plant the bamboo on the surface that way it grows extremely fast help control the water quality
  2. zhong89

    DIY lighting

    I use a LED Floodlight 10W in my 1 ft albi tank and it grows moss beautifully. so I think for your 6 ft a couple of 50W should be adequate for what you need
  3. zhong89

    DIY lighting

    I don't mean one 50W light but maybe 2 or 3. Like Bettarazzi said how deep in your tank affects your lighting needs
  4. The plants you mentioned will grow great in the light provided. I don't recommend you house a betta fish with other fish or shrimp coz bettas are slow and if their tails get nipped they can't get away fast enough and you will have a whole world of problems such as fin rot etc. As for the shrimp they will become lunch fairly quickly. I've had friends who uses fluval edge it's extremely hard to clean especially on top and it doesn't give enough surface with air to allow for good oxygen transfer. With that said it looks great!
  5. zhong89

    DIY lighting

    why don't you go LED floodlights? I've recently started using them and they have no problem growing low light plants for me but I only small wattages so you grab a few 50W ones for your tank it won't cost your more than buying t5 high output. The running cost is next to nothing for them coz they're long lasting and uses very little power.
  6. what I found is not the tank too small is how much maintenance you want to do. The rule of thumb is small tank + only a few fish = maintenance regular (maybe weekly water changes) small tank + lots of fish = maintenance super regular (like daily water changes at the minimum) Large tank + only a few fish = maintenance semi-regular (maybe monthly or fortnightly water changes) Large tank + lots of fish = maintenance regular (maybe weekly water changes) Keep in mind this is only a rule of thumb there's so many more factors to it but it gives you an idea. It's not impossible to keep the number of fish you want in a small tank but you would have do the necessary maintenance.
  7. how are you going to get in trade days?
  8. Durian? I have never tasted them before... I really couldn't stand the smell enough to put it in my mouth. michael your comment regarding smell like 'dead people' really doesn't make it very appealing... when are you guys going? heaps of pictures?
  9. zhong89

    wilds through AI

    is there another way to contact AI without going through my LFS coz I don't think my LFS deals with them.
  10. lol even with reduce "ability" they will still jump. completely covering the tank is the option safe option for keeping wilds.
  11. I bought a few lights from guppies aquarium website.they're good but I heard buying from them can be a hit or miss
  12. eat the fish? What kind of fish would you have to keep that looks good and editable? I had the same question as I had with a fully planted tank... the amount of dissolved organics would be through the roof without water changes or are you doing water changes as well?
  13. practise make perfect... he will eventually get the hang of it.
  14. do you have any pumps or something that helps with water circulation?
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