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  1. wow she looks real nice! :cheer:
  2. wow they look very nice! :cheer:
  3. the air just goes out there gills but i have seen little air pockets in fish poop lol
  4. there very nice sarah i want one :lol:
  5. wow 10 days! thats realy good did you test for ammonia nitrate nitrite ect??? has there alredy been 8 people?
  6. wow thats a crazy transformation! she looks nice now, sorry to hear about your other male goodluck
  7. lachie1998

    White CT

    the one with blue fins looks awsome! hopefully its body stays white and fins go deep blue :drool:
  8. clove oil will be better than freezing, less stressfull. if it is a warmwater fish you can use clove oil in combanation with freezing water. or a predatory fish. hope your luck improves
  9. teach them how to clean tanks Andrew, while you sit back and enjoy a drink and watching your fish :rofl:
  10. for sale on aquabid, someone should get it! haha
  11. very good photos Lilly, what camera are you using? also gongrats on the 2nd spawn :cheer:
  12. lachie1998

    White CT

    there looking good busman
  13. what about some anubias nana on some rocks? or some moss?
  14. also would i be able to use powdered fry food for the fry? like sera micron?
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