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What to breed in a 2ft tank?

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I'm in a camera hating phase. Pretty sure the camera hates me back. The fish hate the camera too. And they definitely hate me. The bristlenose hide the whole time. The platies try to hide but the BNs have taken all the good hiding spots. I've added some male guppies to the tank now to try to make the platies feel safer.

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Well the plates apparently feel safe enough to drop babies. Found about 10 this morning. Not sure when they were dropped. They look quite large. Would've watered her eyes if she had to push them out at that size. LOL.

And also found the little fellow.

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I'm pretty sure the bristlenose must have been spawned in my tank. So I'm counting it. :)

Actually there's a betta spawn as well which can be counted. I haven't logged it on account of temporary insanity. The parents were not on my breeding list. I noticed a boy had sprouted in what was an all girls tank. He was blowing bubbles and his sisters next door were giving him a the wiggles. Suddenly there was a net in my hand. I don't recall reaching for it. Besides the net was well out of reach. I would have had to get up and go over there which I don't recall doing. The next day I looked at them with confusion and regret. Why did I put a teal girl with a black and white marble boy when I had more suitable marble girls available? I'll take her out tomorrow, I decided, she doesn't look all that happy and probably won't spawn. Eggs the next day. Sigh. But on the bright side... 3 down, 7 to go. Actually I should check the guppies, bound to be some fry in there.

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Good on you for breeding different species of fish! I don't think as many people are breeding fish as they were couple of decades ago.

Going back to your complaint about not able to find any non-annual killifish, if and when you want (probably when it is a little warmer) I can send you any of the below

Fp. gardneri Aquarium strain

Fp. gardneri N'sukka

Fp. gardneri Makurdi

Fp. gardneri Gold

Cr. biateniatum Lagos

Ep. dageti


if you really wanted, I might also be able to part with

Fp. scheeli

A. striatum

A. australe

A. calliurum

Just saying...

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The Victoria Betta group might have to evolve into the Victoria KGB... Killies Guppies Bettas. *lol* Not quite ready yet but I will be hassling you Serkan in due course. Interested in the gardneri, aphyos and the bitaeniatum. Happy to get eggs for hatching if you can be bothered collecting them. Thing is the killies wouldn't go into the temporary breeder badge program. Those fish I'm intending on getting rid off once I've raised the fry to two months. I think once I get killies I'd want to try to maintain them. So I have to seriously think where I'm going to house them.

Anyway the tally so far:

1. betta splendens

2. guppies

3. endlers (should drop soon)

4. platies

5. bristlenose

Halfway there.

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Marble Mollies I love the little blighters

Well good to see Razzi half way is getting closer

I wish we had somthing like that hear but alass not



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I've actually bought some swordtails but they're being minded by Paul (Melbourne Paul, not Busman Paul or THE Paul) because I can't put them in the same tank as the platies (hybridising risk) and I haven't set up or split any tanks yet. I'm changing jobs soon and I'm hoping to have at least a week off in between, possibly more. Will try not to spend the entire time sleeping but get the fishroom into slightly better order. Long list of things to do. I have to say so far I'm not getting as much pleasure breeding the other fish as I do breeding bettas. The guppies take an interminably long time to colour up. And the bristlenoses are just plain boring. I don't feel I have any control on whether they spawn or not and they're not particularly interesting to watch in the tank.

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Did you manage to find out what did the rules say about accreditated member to sign the breeder's list?

I am just curious for future reference if I too want to chase after the elusive breeder badge. Btw it says parents, does this mean male and female or just female adult fish.

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lol... I actually feel the opposite about bristlenoses. They're obvious when conditioning (big and fat) a spawn is easy to simulate (with a large change of water). The way that the male try to entice the female to go in his cave or try to keep the fry from leaving or anything else from entering the cave. I love the way they choose the hierarchy of males in the tank and choose who gets to breed and who doesn't.

I found livebearers are bit boring at the moment, they breed no matter what I do. The only difference is when I fed them good food (whiteworms) they become little balls swimming and when they get dry food they look at me and go "where's the good stuff?"

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I know what you're doing Les. You're trying to get a spawn log regardless. LOL I've got them in a 30 cm cube which holds about 24 litres, sponge filter, needle leaf java fern, tiny bit of frogbit, bare bottom, short length of PVC pipe for cover.

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