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  1. Speaking of snails, I like assassin snails.
  2. that moment when the test trial of bbs hatching succeeded and the real deal fails....

    1. kertaz


      take two of BBS fail still. No microworm.. Hmm.. egg yolk? XD

      Have. To. Experiment..

  3. 10L with a heater sounds like a perfect place for Betta ;p You can probably put a sponge filter and keep some of shrimps in it though.
  4. Welcome to the forum, Calico! Ask anything you want! Lots of us are happy to help :)
  5. Welcome Louizor, we're very friendly here. Steep learning curve when you're trying to breed fish successfully but keep at it! :)
  6. I've tried mixing both of them. Though both parties were healthy, from my experience, discus are far more passive than the angels. Angels were really greedy that they ate most; if not all; the food before the discus get them. If I remember correctly, I think there were 4 discus to 4 (or 5) angels. Since mixing, the discus were gradually getting thinner, so they got separated again.
  7. Thanks for the insight, all! Razzi, i'm located in Jakarta. Would be good if you can hook me up with a breeder around :D
  8. CTPK! That's an awesome suggestion. The thought didn't come to my mind! I was thinking maybe crossing the CT girl with the slightly combtail SD/D Butterfly Yellow boy and uh.. what would I end up with? That reminds me too, how did your attempt to create CTPK with Busman go? The plakad above the orchidy looking PK seems like a yellow orchid? lol (I think patterns look similar to the orchidy plakad but spread on yellow instead of black) What would yellow orchid plakad X black orchid CT produce?
  9. So I was window shopping yesterday and found these kids. Bought 5 of them, and 3 of them are plakads! They're not big enough for spawning (or at least 3 of them aren't), but here's hoping sometimes in the future! Problem is, they didn't sell any girls. So well.. I'm still kinda stuck with 1 CT black orchid girl which is now beaten up by the CT male. HM Yellow Delta/SD Yellow (I think this one has slight combtail - but has butterfly pattern. The hardest to take pic, so the head isn't included in the pic..) The Plakads!! This one was sold as MG, but I'm not sure. Could be
  10. 10 cherry shrimp for $45 seems a bit overpriced for me.
  11. Plenty of tetras other than neon make good schooling fish: Cardinal tetras ( for the bluish colour ) Glowlight tetras (for the orangish colour) Ember tetras Rummynose tetras They'll fit depending on your scape, I suppose.
  12. Might be just me, but I think all you need is water movement which can be achieved by an airstone and airpump. The wool provides surface area for the bacteria to grow and to cycle the tank. Hang on back filter can also be used though. But with that barracks, I think that 1 end of the barrack may have cleaner water compared to the other end.
  13. Looks more like blyxa japonica than hairgrass for me.. I may be wrong though.
  14. As of today, they got full house for their barracks No empty bays left I love their barrack system as well.
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