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  1. Sounds really exciting!`Record everything in video camera! :drool:
  2. kertaz


    Speaking of snails, I like assassin snails.
  3. Lots of fun Met with someone too and through her, I might be able to send off fishes to you all!... If I got any good ones :D
  4. that moment when the test trial of bbs hatching succeeded and the real deal fails....

    1. kertaz


      take two of BBS fail still. No microworm.. Hmm.. egg yolk? XD

      Have. To. Experiment..

  5. 10L with a heater sounds like a perfect place for Betta ;p You can probably put a sponge filter and keep some of shrimps in it though.
  6. Welcome to the forum, Calico! Ask anything you want! Lots of us are happy to help :)
  7. I wish I could! But there are spawns to attend and hotel that had been booked! Not to mention airplane >_<
  8. Welcome Louizor, we're very friendly here. Steep learning curve when you're trying to breed fish successfully but keep at it! :)
  9. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, really?! we're all going to aquarama but can't meet up?!
  10. 26th to 30th?! What about the 1st-2nd?! That'd be when I go there! >_> Yes, I do have facebook, it's mail4felix@gmail.com if you guys want to add, or let me know yours and I'll add you! Just let me know that it's you (because lots of random people whose name I've never heard of added me and I never approve them) I MISSES VICTORIA BETTA TOO. My god, there are so many distractions here that have kept me from breeding anything. I miss breeding stuffs, and I shall get back to it right away soon!!!!!! Oh, and about the culture.. or prepare lots of toothpicks and tell her to use new one each time XD
  11. Well, a bit more than that for me. I'm going to be there on the 1st-2nd I think
  13. Hey! You guys going there too? I'm going to be there for 2 days Hope to see you all there if you're going!!
  14. They look really awesome. Can I steal your photography skills for a moment here?
  15. Haha! Thank you, Ness! I've been absent from forum a bit, I know! Thinking of the directions to take. The mother of the first spawn has been sold. The father just had his second spawn yesterday. With different girl of course; but I believe it's the sister from mother of the first spawn. ... The two spawn are about 8 days old in difference! I got the pic of the father taken down (had to borrow someone's digital camera); not used to use this camera; so pic quality will be very awkward. Not to mention I can't take pic of any of the fry.. I'll post it later on!
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