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  1. Sometimes females can display secondary male characteristics. Have you been spraying their water with testosterone? lol
  2. Hi guys my ears were ringing! As told you before khemo great photography and fish. You have done great with them. We have splendopleure now. This is what we have look like. splendopleure
  3. They look great! I bet if you look, you'll find eggs in those mops :lol:
  4. I agree if they are sexable they are sellable. You just need to make sure that the females have grown a bit and the fins don't colour up later on and they turn up to be a male. Looking at your photos they are sellable. Someone in Killifish Australia is asking me about your details so that they can get a pair or two off you. And Ashlea Canberra is a great place to live. It takes 30mins max to get anywhere in town. And Canberra does have a lot of killies :blush:
  5. I've just started moving tanks into the new place! It is going to take ages to move it all over to the new fishroom. Really looking forward to the time its all in one place. Currently I am running two fishrooms at separate locations! :blink:
  6. Great work guys! I recently started a facebook group as an extension to the killie forum at Killifish Australia Facebook Group Ashlea, if you like when my new fishroom is settled I can send you some poliaki eggs. Maddzvk, maybe we can do a swap of blockii and werneri eggs for striatum and/or chocolates later on.
  7. Hi all, There was quite a bit of interest in killies a while back so how are peoples fish doing? My fish have been on holding pattern, but will be starting to breed them soon. I know there are some gold australe's bred in numbers in VIC :D
  8. They don't look like they have ich in the photos. You must have cured it. There were a couple of people from Melbourne looking for killies at the KillifishAustralia forum lately. That might be an alternative to move them along.
  9. Awesome pics! They look like they are in great condition. :applaud:
  10. Doh! They recover well usually. I tend to use salt. Though I haven't had ich in decades!!! Oodinium/velvet is another story :alright:
  11. Later on when I move into my new fishroom I'll do a head count and I might have a spare poliaki boy for you. Just to confirm your was from the poliaki (no locality) shipment not poliaki Bolifamba? I have both and they are different fish.
  12. You have done an amazing job with them. It is always nice to see a good school of juvenile killifish sharing a tank The poliaki female looks good too. Do you still have a pair?
  13. These are looking awesome! Keep up the great work. They are not as easy as what is said sometimes, I agree with Doug.
  14. Hi Celeste, Nice looking guppies there, well done with them. Essantially your guppies are turning into wildtype guppies which are smaller in general. Fancy guppies are selectively bred for colour, fin shape but also for size. That's why most if not all fancy guppy strains are larger than wild type guppies. As for your question: Guppy is Poecilia reticulata Endler is Poecilia wingei Basically you cannot create a different species by selectively breeding. Once you have a hybrid you can not get back to a pure species through selective breeding either. What you have is some nice l
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