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Just had to pull the camera out tonight. My fry are colouring up all over the place since moving into their new digs! Loving the colours I am getting out of this lot.

I found a couple of clean pastels!!!! So far untouched by red wash...



OK, so that one has red in it's ventrals, but is almost the size of Migaloo (how did I not see this one before?)

Plenty of nice royal blues


Some pale bodied Multis (is there such a thing as a multicoloured cambodian?)


And of course, marbles... (Sorry about the bad quality, they were hard to get a pic of.)


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Thanks guys! I am really happy with this lot. A real mixed bag. I have to say, I am partial to the pastel blues. I think this is one direction this line will take. The other will be from Migaloo!

@ Sarah: Plenty more where that came from. I can only post 5 at a time...



Another Pastel


This one is actually more steel blue in real life...




A lot of the light bodied fry have gold scaling on their foreheads just like this one!


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That's it Shadoh.. I'm coming right to your house, and am going to give you some batteries and MAKE you take some photos.

THEN.. I'll watch you go and upload them, and I'll go home. Once I'm home I'll realize that I could've seen the real things and get pretty annoyed. Right, I've talked myself into it now! Where do you live.. what Brisbane? That's too far, never mind.

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Ahhhh! Tooo much pressure!!!

Battery is charged, so here is some more.

Heckle and Jeckle


I call this little runt MINItaur...


I'm keeping my eye on this one. I'm hoping it will turn out to be a girl that I can breed with Migaloo...


Used the flash on this one to show the green iridescence at the base of this multi's fins...


Migaloo's brother, Megalo (thanks for the name Paul!)


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The way H&J stick together, you'd think they hatched out of the same egg! :D

I was looking at the fry earlier, looks like the boys are going to get their Dads extra long dorsal and anal fins. Fingers crossed that their caudals grow long enough to balance it out. They all have their mothers habit of curling the tip of her dorsal just before they start to swim :)

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So you think they are both going to be boys? Too bad.. I guess you will be so annoyed if that happened.. and then you wouldn't want to keep them.. and I like them.. and then I GUESS I'll have to help you out by taking them off your hands.

Do you want to part with them? If so, dips!

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Oops, I meant "them" as in the fry in general, not H&J - Went back and fixed my bad grammar. Brain is still in weekend mode...

Sarah, if I do get rid of them, you will be at the top of the list, although not sure how I'd get them to Sydney...

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