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  1. My male patoti looks like her has a mouthful >.>

    1. delyall



      Whyy is he doing this to me when Im going to be moving out tommoz DX

  2. Holy crap I just saw two of my patotis wrapping o.0

    1. Sarah


      You make that sound like a bad thing.. is it?

    2. delyall


      It just so random. I thought I only had girls and I havent been doing anything special to try and get them to breed 0.o

  3. Oh damn theyre gorgeous! My babies are a lil younger than yours, cant wait til they grow more Also cant wait for the guns n roses pair I hope that one goes well so I can snag a few fish from you Teheheee Good luck with these guys though!
  4. Love the tank And the pleco is beautiful! Such a shame youll need to rehome him, maybe a good excuse for a tank upgrade to a 6ft? :P
  5. Finally! I have tails! I didnt want to post anything unless something went wrong.. Ill post a spawn log later... yayyy tails! :D

    1. shadoh


      Great news!!! Which pair did you breed?

    2. Hood


      awesome, yeah which ones bred?

    3. delyall


      Ill post up a log now with pics.. it a super black pk x copper black hm :)

  6. Looking awesome! Migs looks amazing Really great job with this lot :D
  7. Sounds great then Best of luck with the tank, would love to see pics once you have it set up :D
  8. Sounds alright to me, I agree with what fishbites said about the angles.. I believe theyre very wrongly named Also just remember how big clown loaches get.. I dont think Id recommend them.. Im also extremely surprised to see 3 in that tiny tank you have there.. Here's some reading on clown loaches- http://www.loaches.com/species-index/clown-loach-chromobotia-macracanthus and I do hope you reconsider them..
  9. And they get huuuge. 30cm I think... theyre awesome though, Id love to have some one day if I have a tank big enough :)
  10. Oh he's such a cutey! Love all the colours Hopefully he'll take a liking to my girl :D
  11. I seriously love that DT! Niiiice setup too :D
  12. Tis about time for me to reply to this Really though, in short.. I want your fish!! Seriously love the gold dragons and the white boy from your spawn :D
  13. Oh so gorgeous! Im loving how shiny your fry look :P
  14. Lol, seeing all these empty shells and then one starts moving! Poor lil' guy ... Perhaps the fact that I found that amusing means its bedtime :P
  15. You could do some shuffling.. but best to keep all separated. The 2ft is your spawning tank youve been talking about recently? Perhaps you can divide it in 2 and put the male you want to spawn in one end and the female in the other.. then youll have the divided tank for either the male or female (probably best to put the male there) and get a temporary 10l for the 'extra' fish. Then you can get to spawning the pair quicker Though still not until you have some more plants and such.. Im hoping that made sense.. But if your set on the sorority, personality is really the biggest thing.. I h
  16. Lolz, well if you plug something in and the safety switch turns off the appliances, then that means you have some faulty something around there, whether it be wiring of the house or the actual thing you plug in... I live in the bush, so Im always a bit cautious with anything that could cause a fire Im sure your things are fine Again, Im glad you got it sorted :D
  17. Are the equipment your plugging in old? They could be faulty and therefor setting off the safety switch... Id be nervous plugging things in if it keeps turning the power off Glad its sorted out now though :)
  18. Clown loach or pakistani loaches love em I find theyre near impossible to get rid of.. only 'control' the population.
  19. Ahh yes, my experience is based on female bettas in a community.. I wouldnt really bother with putting a longfinned male in a community tank, the filter youd need in a large tank will be too much for him. Unless your looking at PK males..
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