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Happy Birthday Ciara!


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I was at Salli's house today, she is a really good friend of mine and I didn't even remember it was her birthday, I dropped off something to her and I didn't even go in :(

Oh dear :(

Baaaaaad Jessica!! :drool:

Happy Birthday Salli :(

I am sorry :(

I will get her here to read the thread!!!

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I'm only a week late into this thread! Sorry! :D

Ahhh Jess, how many times have I forgotten your birthday? I'm the worst culprit, and plus, I'm not the type to brag *hi, its my birthday* when someone comes knocking. :D

Your visit cheered me up a little though, was in a cranky mood before you rocked up. :cheer:

Thanks everyone, I didn't get fishies for my birthday but I was surprised by some baby bunnies! :D

Anyone want a baby rabbit? :thumbs:

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