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  1. Hello Mango4jade

    Are you still breeding guppies?


    Guppy Man

  2. Its because of the markup i guess...even if its expensive...people still buy it. Unless you parallel import it...then it will be cheapers.. Kitz, where you ordering your ADA products from?
  3. Just wondering bettarazzi, have you tried to plant it in soil before? Is there any presence of leaves?
  4. To me the glass is not much difference to normal glass...just abit more clearer. And ofcoarse bridge-less in big tanks
  5. Plant in the substrate. It looks identical to the RARE!! UG - Utricularia graminifolia If it has short green leaves then its UG, if its got no leaves, then its a family related to UG....carnivorous plant But really expensive....2X2cm portion $40.... If you like you can send me some so I can ID it further. Mango
  6. You why its expensive? Its because all sides and base is sapphire glass and no braces and bridges. ADA uses a special gel and lasers to literially weld the glass together making the jointed extremely strong. Its be proven that if the tank ever breaks, 100% not from the joints of the glass. Even if it falls off the ground directly on the corner of the tank, it will only be the sides breaking. I got a quote for a 35cm cube tank...$150! Its really upto you. I asked to get a 6X2X2 with no braces and bridges from all LFS, no one will do it except the ADA tanks which is like $10,000+
  7. Mine arrive attached to some metal fly screen. Best option for you is to attach that onto some driftwood or an ADA ricca stone. Its very nice on wood. Mango
  8. Looks good mate. Just wondering, what did you do with the plants in there?
  9. Looking good there, I have a small cump of the mini fissiden too, but my ottos seems to like to graze on them What lighting are you giving them? I find they dont grow as fast in the shade than under the MH lighting.
  10. Yep no filtration, i have seen a couple setups with no heater and filters and CRS breeding happily away in there. Change 1/3 of the water every week. Plants and shrimps are growing nicely. The shrimps are just A grade, and was given to me by Dr. V from another forum, getting some S and SS grade free from him soon I will be adopting a couple adult C grade shrimps to try in my 50cm ADA tank, Calla if you are after a couple. I could prob hook you up with some. Mango :yes:
  11. Saving up of purchasing a larger tank with 3 sides sapphire glass. Just wondering, would it be a good idea to replace the front glass?
  12. 5. Today after a 50% water change 6. Shrimp happy on wood 7. Top view of tank Mango :D
  13. On Friday, I went to manage to purchase some ADA soil from SLS in order to do up my CRS tank, now its a mini ADA tank with CRS. I will be added a heater, filtration and Co2 inorder to make the plants and HC grow. I think its more fun doing ADA with smaller tanks than big tanks. This is what I came up with. The shrimps are just used for testing the tank and to see if I can keep them alive. Will have some S to SS grade CRS coming in the weeks. 1. 3 Powders 2. 1 bag of Power Sand S special 3. 1 bag of Amazonia II Soil - Powder 4. Xmas mossed up driftwood in place
  14. 5. Pearling Moss 6. Pearling Helferi, notice the new branchs where the leaves used to be? 7. Pearling HC 8. Runners on P. helferi I've also planted my Cyprus Helferi (another rare plant in AUstralia and a plant widely used in most ADA tanks) Mango :D
  15. Last Sunday I managed to do another 50% water change and do a little maintenance on the tank. I added 3 cuttings of the submersed grown P. helferi, and when I looked closely at the large adult plants from Kingfisher, I noticed where the leaves have melted away, many new branches have sprouted and on one of the plants, i noticed runners also developing on one of its roots Thats about 2 weeks of being in my tank and already they have established in my tank. One specimen already has a 3cm new stem growing out of the parent Fast growing! I've also noticed that all plants have heaps on oxyg
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