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I'm Chloe.

I'm probably going to be another young one of the group.

I tend to be too mature for my age and end up in the baby position all the time, it doesn't bother me though.

I'm nearly eighteen, yes young.

I really hope people will take me seriously still.

A warning, I'm Dyslexic. Meaning there will be some very complicated typos, I will check back to fix them up but until then I'll appologise now as some words don't turn out as words because I'm either in a rush or misplaced my glasses.

I love Bettas. They fascinate me alot.

At this moment in time I have 2 more examinations and can't wait to dedicate the rest of the year to my fish interests, I imagine this will turn into one of my major hobbies.

Mouse invited me and I'd like to thank her, very much.

I would really like to learn about Betta genetics, and I know for sure I will have lots of questions to throw at people. *Haha*

Thankyou for reading, Chloe.

(PS: There were about 23 typos fixed!)

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Hi Chloe.. glad you could make it! Welcome!! Feel free to pop up some posts with any questions you may have. There are lots of lovely people here that are more than happy to talk fish and share their knowledge and experiences. oh and don't worry too much about the typos.. we have all learnt to speak Jess! *ducks and runs*

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LOL :D Mouse :D Yes, welcome Chloe. Typos are a part of the fun of reading ppls msg's :) You'll find many a typo on here (I have had to go back about 5 times already and retype stuff :betta::D And don't worry about been the young-an on here, these ppl don't bite (tho I'd watch out for Vicki ;) ) Enjoy your time here, and good luk with your exams :P

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Hey there Chloe! Welcome to AusAqua :P As Robbie said, don't worry about being the young one here, the members are all wonderfull people and they don't bite, I'll be 15 in 2 weeks and I'm still all in one piece :) and even if you do get bitten, it will only be a gummy bite :D:betta: catch ya :D

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Hi Chloe, Nice to meet you. And from one dyslexic to another I just want to say it makes no difference. The funny thing is, not only do I spell bad, I can not pick up on others spelling mistakes. I could read a whole paragraph with 20 mistakes in it and would be lucky to see one. We are just all happy to get together to talk and share our love of these fish. So welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your time. :betta: And Robbie I would start running now before Vicki reads that. :) Najina

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<_< Thanks everyone.. well if I must say more..

Here are some facts, me + bettas:

=> My first pet betta was 'Jack' a blue vt from a local petstore before I turned 15.

=> I haven't had a betta live longer than 17 months, I drifted from them after the last of the ones I had only because study came first then.

=> Now when I look at bettas i appreciate the patterns and ncolour combinations more, rather than just clean solid colours I once liked alot.

=> I'm really interested in lighter colours at the moment & hm's.

=> I liek to take good care of my fish.

=> I'm concerned about those bettas havign fits in tiny cups in pet stores.

=> If I could afford it, I would care for all those sick ones I have come accross at shops.

=> I would liek to add that I also think that I have good enough knowledge to keep a betta alive and comfortable but I need to know more about genetics for when I make attempts to breed them.

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ooohh, I think you are too late Mishy! ; )

welcome Chloe!! :)


Hi hi! It's someone right?

I have the fish, they're so great :)

They're all happy now, the copper female hasn't got an appetite yet though.

I need you to email me the payment details again if that's okay.

I was also thinking, I'm wanting some orange bettas, the sellers said they're sending through you. Could I pay them with it too? It's alright if not.

I've been really busy so I might not reply till tomorrow morning.



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