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  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Have a wonderful day! :D

  2. fuzzy_dragonfly

    What tail is this female?

    Yep their offspring LOL In all seriousness I believe VT females have a pointier anal fin and PK females have a tendancy to have slightly shorter fins than VT females but it can vary depending on where it originated from. Some pet shop stock is better than others. I've seen CT females, however they are more than likely from VT origin. correct me if I'm wrong I'm probably a bit rusty.
  3. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Lavender HM pair

    Nah I think it's just the way he is. There are some small tears and his dorsal has some bent rays. But he'll probably get some more tears in his caudal when he breeds anyway, so I'm not too concerned at this stage. His dorsal probably could have a bit better spread and not quite as much webbing between rays. My Suthasine HM Arnold was very frilly too with similar faults. That girl is a pain in the bottom to photograph, nevertheless I'm impressed with the vibrancy of her colour. Your right, her dorsal probably could use more spread too. Still ....... I bet your jelous .
  4. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Lavender HM pair

    Well, I know why I loved butterflies!!! These are the guys that arrived the other day, my boy is already nest building!!! What do ya think? OK I'll have a go first: Male: Good caudal spread but too much frilling and a couple minor splits that will need to heal...hopefully. Anal fin a little long. Beautiful colour but BF patten needs improving. Has has quite heavy finnage but carries it well. Overall not a bad fishy! Female: Takes a crappy photo , good colour, nice BF pattern. Caudal spread needs improving and slightly uneven anal fin Despite faults I'm really happy with my pair . Any good name suggestions???
  5. fuzzy_dragonfly

    October/November SBG

    I look forward to the next one .
  6. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Red Dragon Butterfly X Red Dragon

    Great job. And there's some colours in there I didn't expect to see too.
  7. fuzzy_dragonfly

    2nd Sydney Betta gathering

    Awesome .... I only have one shishy to enter .
  8. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Red Dragon Butterfly X Red Dragon

    Drools...must have one....or two....maybe three......come to think of I'll take the lot . I'm a big fan of Aussie bred fish and I have got to say, job well done. If you can spare a pair I'd be interested, I miss the taste of melafix .
  9. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Sydney Betta Gathering

    I know I'm a bit late, I've been flat out lately. Thankyou very much for the plants, I think you've converted Allan into an aquarist because he's set up some old tanks in the backyard and trying to cultivate the floating pond weed and he seems really keen on the idea of spawning a couple bettas down the track. Also I have some really good ideas on ways to covert storage tubs so I'll be trialing those. Two of the plants didn't last long, a friend of Allan's at work had to have the smaller grassy plants for an angelfish tank. Nevertheless Goliath, my betta is enjoying his java moss . Candy the rat enjoyed the night, she sat on Allan's shoulder all night at the club (he's carpark security). We told patrons it was a special breed of guard dog a "Ratweiler" LOL. She wasn't at all worried about the kitty cause she lives with an adult stray rescue. Here I was expecting a decent sized kitten and they bring out this adorable little fluff ball . I'm a big fan of tuxedo cats. Got some ideas on how to properly set up a fish room, I don't think I could cope with 20+ seperate tanks with my newly set up mousery. Although I did find that the less you interfere the better it is for the spawn so I'm taking a page out of Lisa's book in that respect, I adore the new setup. It must be so much easier to look after now, and even looks better too.
  10. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Copper Marble HMPK X Copper Butterfly HMPK

    Nice red camera. Sorry about the spawn, better luck next time I suppose.
  11. fuzzy_dragonfly

    No Water Changes... The Eddie And Lilli Method

    WOW this is an OLD topic. But in terms of tank cleans, well I'm down to 3 tanks now, not the 23 I used to keep LOL. The 4' tank I replace filter media every 2-2.5 months (not monthy like I'm supposed to - because it's big, heavy and I have spinal condition limiting heavy lifting) my OH regularly tops it up (which I guess substitues for water changes). It's heavily planted and no issues, with the exception of one case of hole in head, other fish were not infected so I think it was isolated and specific to that fish. I like the super grow method too because I was sick of runty fry. But I found with my last spawn that letting the water go a little brown actually helped the boys to sprout. In pristine water their fins remained short. I'm not sure why this occoured as I did no follow up spawn but next time I will certainly need to look into other options like few changes as I now have my hands full with rodents as well as fish. I got two barraks sitting under the coffee table just itching to be used. If only I could find a space to put them :)
  12. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Crossing Recessives

    Yellow and red are related somehow, I never went into reds. I remember someone breeding a single yellow fry from two red parents. Most cambodians carry red in their fin colour so red would likely dominate (but don't quote me on that one) There may be several combinations of genes that display a paticular trait and that some recessive traits dominate over others. With two recessive traits you may end up with several colour combinations depending on the genetics of that fish. It's not quite as simple as recessive x recessive = desired phenotype as some betta colours have only been developed in the last few years so in terms of colour there's still a lot we don't know. Cambo with yellow as spledidbetta mentioned will likely have no dark pigment on the body, I'd imagine you'd mostly get cambodian phenotype fish from that spawn. Although it would be interesting to see if you get a yellow bodied cambodian! But bettas tend to throw odd balls every now and again, their genetics escapses me sometimes. Are you sure cambodian is recessive? I remember my first spawn Cambo father with green irridecence x red mother = mixed bag of lollies with some most being cambodian others turquoise multicoloured red wash fish . I suppose the mother may have carried cambodian but I can't be sure.
  13. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Sydney Betta Gathering

    PHEW.... I thought you were talking about me.... . Only concern you have is my rat sneeking along. She is very attached to me, so much she doesn't get on with the other rats . But you should be used to that by now, I seem to recall a little feathered friend tagging along last fish trip. How's the little battler going? And I believe that individual was never really into bettas in the first place. True, there was one kicked off the rodent fanciers website not long ago. Not 100% sure what about but I've learnt from the past not to get involved.
  14. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Sydney Betta Gathering

    I would love to come, I'll see what I can do, let me check my roster first.
  15. fuzzy_dragonfly

    Hole In Head

    My Red forest jewel developed hole in head around 6 months ago over her right gill cover. At it's most aggressive stage the disease had exposed her gills, I treated her with AB. I expected her to croak it 3 months ago, but the flesh is nice and pink again, mostly it appears to have healed and she's got her colour back. Some gills are still exposed in a small section that did not grow back. I've had fish die from a lot less, I was just wondering if someone could give me an explaination of why she is still alive? She can't possibly go on for much longer with her gills exposed, she'd get the first bug she comes in contact with!!! - Apart from looking nasty she seems completely normal!?! It's got me stumped anyway, technically she should be dead.