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  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Have a wonderful day! :D

  2. WOW this is an OLD topic. But in terms of tank cleans, well I'm down to 3 tanks now, not the 23 I used to keep LOL. The 4' tank I replace filter media every 2-2.5 months (not monthy like I'm supposed to - because it's big, heavy and I have spinal condition limiting heavy lifting) my OH regularly tops it up (which I guess substitues for water changes). It's heavily planted and no issues, with the exception of one case of hole in head, other fish were not infected so I think it was isolated and specific to that fish. I like the super grow method too because I was sick of runty fry. But
  3. I can't come either if it's a Sunday due to work. UNLESS it could be on a Saturday? - that way luv_my_fish could come too That's a better idea than the sports club anyway...something we can all enjoy.
  4. Awesome shots of the fry and shrimp. That fry is adorable. Those shrimp are about 3 days old when they get those flappy bits on their side. Did you know when they're born they have 3 eyes and as they grow they shed their middle eye, male shrimp grow tusks and fight other shrimp for mating rights like goats. If you want to see your shrimp do a trick keep them in the dark for a while then shine a bright torch at them, they'll do backflips and follow the torch! - it's more impressive when they're adults. Who knew fish food could be so interesting My original point and shoot camera wa
  5. To this day he is still my favourite fish. Bubbles was the poor soul that was purchased by me a complete novice in fish keeping. I've definately come a long way and it's all thanks to this tiny fish. He also lived past 3 and was huge before he passed on.
  6. This is with a canon SX10IS powershot, it's a higher quality point and shoot camera and probably takes about the same quality shots as a low grade SLR. Not interested in SLR, they're too complex for my needs - it would be like buying an instrument and not knowing how to play it. This baby cost me $615 with case, tripod and memory card - OUCH!!! but totally worth it. If you want a camera like this you'd better lay by one now, Dick Smith doesn't stock them any more and this was one of the last in JB HIFI, they seem to be disappearing and noone can tell me why. New technology in the makin
  7. If I can get him to hold still near a ruler I'll post it but no sucess so far. It's a shame I don't have another betta for comparison, that's where you can really see the difference. He's about 1.5 times the size of a regular plakat his age in length and a lot more solid. I should have bought the cambodian DTPK to show the difference, I was going to but had second thoughts. Very round body compared to a more slender regular plakat. I'm not breeding him, he's just my pet . I don't think I'd find a suitable female for him anyway. Aren't those swordtails the coolest . They had regula
  8. Meet Goliath. I've been petshop hopping lately and found 2 LFS that stock giants. Concidering they were selling for an avarage of $100 a few years back I recon I got at steal at $15 from strictly aquariums Campbelltown. Auburn aquariums also has some deltas at the moment, not great but deltas nevertheless. I felt terrible for loosing poor Captian my multicolour CT from the Sydney LFS crawl in the summer heat, my fault, I left the light on and the tank overheated. Typically a crappy shot but gives you an idea anyway: Also does anyone know what colour this swordtail is? jet black, whit
  9. I'm down to 2 yabbies, one with a missing claw. I doubt it was an escape, looks more like the big one got pekish and ate his playmate. They've been moulting, so they're growing at a nice rate. I'm too lazy to google it but are yabbies one of those creatures that can regenerate a lost limb? Lots on hidey spaces in their tank and get fed plenty of old goldfish flakes (since I don't have goldfish anymore). Maybe the big one is just nasty. He might be nice on the barbeque if he keeps eating the other yabbies!!!
  10. I'm the one with the sunny's . I'd help you on names but I can only name the older faces with certainity. Call him Squishy . You got some nice rocks, shame Winky was so big. BTW: one yabby escaped, the cat found him! No harm done, he was only playing. Sticky taped the lid shut, yabby was happily munching on some dead fish today. I must say I made a pretty nice tank for them, they look great on the bar. That's one X for me, should have known better after you warned me. Also from past experience, I was hunting down hermit crabs for a week after they escaped!
  11. the story continued..... Some were easier to spot than others: And not all of our new buddies were fish: But at the end of an exhausting hot day: We all got together for one last group mug shot: Thanks for the great day Sorry to hear about your gouramis Lisa . My new betta boy and yabbies are doing well....fascinating little devils, they're a little like underwater praying mantis.
  12. We started the day well, as soon as the stragglers caught up we were well on our way by 11am. We met a St george aquariums, it was great to see some new faces as well as the old: Some of us had better self control than others: After a quick snack at maccas we indulged ourselves in the most brilliant, colourful, wierd, squishy, exotic of aquatic fauna: Even an Emo Nemo: But wait there's more....except I can't add more pics yet because the posts merge. Anyone want to comment so far?
  13. You tell me this now !!! My fault, should have checked. I don't know if I can arrange it at such short notice, I'll see what I can do. Next time, and I'll have a couple spare seats in my car too.
  14. Tanks included, they're beanie box style. Not a bad little unit all in all. I've only ever seen them in blue, tends to be the standard plain background colour, but you can peel it off if you don't like it. Mine are second hand divy, going to take a bit of elbow greese to get it up and running. Not to mention find some space to put them. It gives me a simple framework anyway, I believe all is in working order otherwise. I'm going to trial a "rescue" pet store betta in there first to see how things work, any improvements, alterations can be made along the way.
  15. Get ready for this then...... Just came back from my Port maquarie holiday and as luck would have it a shop was selling off their display units and I scored two for $240 and one with a spare heater (not that I needed it I have heaps in storage) . They sold the units because of rapid algae growth as they had them near a window + they weren't cleaning it often enough. I was able to talk them down from the original price of $150 each because the drip tube valves are rusted (but it shouldn't take much to replace and refurbish them) . They are a 100% improvement from 1L milk bottles which
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