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Sydney Fish Crawl


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Hey all

Callatya, Phil and I will be doing a LFS crawl on 6 December 2008. Sydneysiders are welcome to join us.

We're aiming to be at St George Aquarium at about 10.30am, then get lunch at the maccas across the street from the aquarium at about 12.00pm, then head over to Auburn Aquarium about around 1pm, then Strictly Aquariums at Yagoona about 2.30, then Marine Life (or whatever it's called on Heathcote Rd Moorebank) if all stays on track and we have time.

Anyway, that's what WE'LL be doing. If anyone else would like to hook on for some or all of the trip let us know and we'll wear caps or something so those of you who haven't met us don't have to approach random strangers at those LFS's asking "are you Callatya?" :wacko:


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Hilarious? us? Nooooo, we are deadly serious. :(

Its been SO LONG since we've done one of these! I have my shopping list all ready to go :D And Maccas, geez, I've missed that! It isn't an LFS crawl without at least one fast food stop. It is so beautifully convenient that all of the major LFSs are right near food places ;)

There will definitely be more next year, so if you can't make it out this time, don't worry :D If you can, that'd be fantastic as we'd really love to get to know more people from around the area. :D

Ghengis, are you down for Xmas/NYE, you party animal, you :P? Are you staying city or suburbs?

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Not sure about the betta stocks of most of these places, bay did have coccina and rutilans recently so they are a possibility.

I won't have a car on Saturday, but is anyone going that might have room left in their car? I can pay for petrol if I do go with you.

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Dear all

Just to let you know that I'll be at St George Aquariums at 10:30ish as well.

If my gf comes along then I have 3 seats available.

If not I have 2 seats available.

I believe holycow is coming with me.

All i ask is if you can give me some money to cover the petrol costs.

Thanks and see you all on the day.


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cool! remember we'll be wearing caps to increase the odds of working out who one another are :bighug:

Slight change of plans too: We're now going St George, Auburn, Lams at Parramatta, Ocean Reflections on Hume Hwy at Liverpool and then Marine Life on Heathcote Rd, Moorebank.

This is Phils' fault.


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One sleep to go!

St George Aquarium to Auburn:


Auburn Aquarium to Lams at Parramatta:


Lams to Ocean Reflections at Liverpool:


Ocean reflections to Total Marine Moorebank:


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