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Sydney Fish Crawl

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Last call! :) I'm jumping in the car right about now.

I'll have a poly box and if I remember I'll throw in a bottle of vinegar eels in case anyone needs a starter.

If you are coming to St George and have never been before, the place has 4 separate rooms. If you don't see us in the first one, keep looking as we are bound to be in one of them B)

St George is your best bet for fancy bettas, but depending on recent shipments, there is a chance at all places that you could pick up something fun :) Auburn might have wilds and rarer small fish, i'm expecting it to have microrasboras and some snazzy shrimp. Lams has a bit of a reputation for plant gear and cichlids, and Marine Life is warehousey and has some pretty impressive oddballs in both SW and FW. Not sure on Ocean Reflections, but I guess we'll find out! :D

See you there!!

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I'll be wearing a black cap with a red V on it from the U2 concert.

I knew we could count on you to bring a box Ab!! I was just saying that to Mr Phil last night!

I will bring a bag of IAL if anyone needs a couple.

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We started the day well, as soon as the stragglers caught up we were well on our way by 11am.

We met a St george aquariums, it was great to see some new faces as well as the old:


Some of us had better self control than others:


After a quick snack at maccas we indulged ourselves in the most brilliant, colourful, wierd, squishy, exotic of aquatic fauna:


Even an Emo Nemo:


But wait there's more....except I can't add more pics yet because the posts merge. Anyone want to comment so far?

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I came home with 4 mono sebae and 4 mono argents for my brackish tank, and 5 small angels for my planted Val tank.

I also bought 7 sparkling gouramis for a 2' tall planted tank, but they were all dead before I got home. I won't say where I got them (please nobody else who knows say either) but I suspect that the person who caught them for me may have had some sort of chemical on his hands, as I asked him to replace one that was in the bag that had what might have been a touch of fin rot (a bit of a bloody ray) with a healthy one, and he spent a while with his hand in the bag fishing around for the one I wanted to put back. I am pretty sad about this, as I have wanted sparkling gouramis for this one tank I have set aside for them for a long time. They are the most gorgeous little fish. I won't be able to get back to an aquarium that stocks them (I saw them in 2 yesterday) for a while.

I also found compressiceps/Calvus (? they weren't labelled other than as 'cichlids' lol) for $30 each very close to home, so am setting up a tank for them tonight and will go back for some tomorrow.

Anyway all in all it was a really good day! But I am still sad about the gouramis.

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Shame about the sparkling gouramis. There should be some sort of accreditation process for any store that carries live animals. That way the staff will be trained in how to handle them properly. And the customer knows that they are getting the best service the store can provide.

Glad the rest of the day was good. I love the eels, great photo's Klara.

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Not sure I can ask. It was a 37* day and we didn't go straight home, and they'll claim i let them get too warm. (I didn't - they were in polystyrene with the monos, that all look fabulous).

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the story continued.....

Some were easier to spot than others:


And not all of our new buddies were fish:


But at the end of an exhausting hot day:


We all got together for one last group mug shot:


Thanks for the great day :D

Sorry to hear about your gouramis Lisa :( .

My new betta boy and yabbies are doing well....fascinating little devils, they're a little like underwater praying mantis.

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thanks for all the pics and story Klara! Really makes me wish my ruby slippers had worked.

Can I pester you for names to go with the faces in the mugshot please? I know 4 of the gorgeous people but I'd love to know who the new faces are :(

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It was a nasty nasty hot day! Standing still for that photo was like lolling about in a frying pan! I must have downed close on 3L of liquid and I still felt parched.

I ended up with a little male plakat, 2 macro shrimp (lost one today, I seriously have no idea why I cannot keep them :*() 3kg of LR and a cute little sea urchin that was dubbed Woo. The live rock was amazing, and i've ended up with a little soft coral from that also. I very nearly bought a conch too, but I wasn't sure if my tank could support it. It had EYES! Snails are not supposed to have eyes! Very strange.

I have a few pictures of my critters and a few from the day that I'll get up in the next day or so :) All in all, a very nice day!

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Woo the urchin, from Ocean Reflections (the ONLY place all day with A/C)


Willy the squishy thing that fell off my LR and has marched itself to a better position on a completely different rock. I'm thinking it is some sort of soft coral, but I'm soooo not a reefer and can't be sure. I'm getting an ID from a friend before deciding if I need to freak out and panic :)


The world's smallest cray that fell out of a bit of LR. He's about 12mm long, including that whopping nipper. He's currently living in my skimmer.

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The squishy thing looks like an anemone and the urchin looks like a pencil urchin. Anemones can move to better locations when it suits them. Not sure about the cray(?)

It looks like a great day was had by all.... :) and I missed it.

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