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  1. They are also called black cobra's there is one here
  2. I have a soft spot for black snakeskins. And I like the greens as well. When I finally get my fishroom set up I intend to try developing my own lines.
  3. Canfeleq

    Baby Guppies

    If you have plenty of plants in the tank the babies will eat the microfauna (infusoria) that inhabit them. All established planted tanks have a ready made live food supply for fry. Watch your babies closely and you will notice that they are picking at the plants. I once had a tank with betta fry that I did not realize had survived (most of the eggs didn't mature) I thought the tank was empty so I left the filter running to keep it prepared while I re conditioned the adults. Just as I was about to add the male to the spawning tank I noticed three fry swimming around. They had survived for n
  4. I too have guppies...and goldfish, bettas, corys etc. I know how you feel. I ran out of room in my house so I am now renovating the yard and garage. The garage is going to become my fishroom.....still may have to put up new sheds though, to store the stuff that used to live in my garage!! Oh well.........Welcome :rip:
  5. My elderly neighbours are moving closer to their children and while they are taking their 8 foot tank they can't take the fish. I recently had the back fence replaced as part of the renovations and did not charge them the usual half price as they are pensioners and lovely people as well. In return they gave me a 6 foot tanks and stand and these... They are currently residing in the 6 foot tank that I already had set up on the front verandah as my water treatment tank. I had fun trying to catch two baby cory's before putting these guys in there. As you can see by the photos they
  6. Let me know when you find one, I'd love to know what native mosses are available as well.
  7. Thanks everyone, and I would like to add my birthday wishes for Abbey as well...hope you had a great day :giggle:
  8. I would guess terrestrial as well. It looks like the moss that grows on the brick paving in my yard. The area is shaded and damp almost all year long and the moss grows well there. I thought about trying it as a submerged plant but then I pulled up all the bricks to re pave.
  9. I colony breed most of mine. Tanks have lots of plants including Java moss. I don't remove the adults or the babies until the males start developing gonapodiums. I have lots of babies in the tanks at any given time, the adults don't seem to eat them.
  10. I'm afraid my terminology in these situations leaves a lot to be desired. It usually consists of four lettered words that are unrepeatable here...and usually said more than once. Glad your fry are OK
  11. Congratulations someone & Kitz. Looking forward to the next one.
  12. Could they be one of these or possibly one of these
  13. Looking really good. Can I suggest that when you re-scape the tank run the airline down the corner then under the gravel to your rock, that way you can plant a bunch of Val in front of it and you will hardly see the airline at all. If you have some time before refilling you could even tack it in place with dabs of silicone if you wanted to.
  14. Bettas, guppies, cory's, paradise fish and I am trying with killifish atm
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