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  1. Well the yabbie's that were unceremoiously dumped on my door step have had baby's and now i have a truck load of little nippers to feed. The dont seem to be eating the adult food i am giving them so i was wondering if any one know's what to feed the little blighters. Cheers
  2. Nice Hows her spread when she dose flare?
  3. Thanks Guys , Its tempting to get back in to it, iv still got all of my gear ( never got around to selling it ) Paul, I have got a spawn (of sorts) one of the yabbies has a very full tail so im going to have to get another tank out to house them too Dont think id go back to the amount of breeding i did before but it would be fun to do another spawn ..... might have to check out jodie's stock :giggle:
  4. Hay all imm baack !!! I have had 2 yabbies and a pair of albino Bn's unceremoiously dumped on my door step in a bucket so iv had to drag out a couple tanks and get them setup and running quick smart !!! So im back to refresh the memory ( cant belive iv been out for 2 years) and see how everyone is doing :D
  5. Happy Birthday Rainy! :D

    We all wish you a wonderful day! xxx

  6. Hay guys so sorry I missed it, hope you had a great time I hope some one took some piccies for me unfortunatly iv had a stuff up in my fish room somewhere and lost about half my fish so if you plan on breeding from the comp fish pleas let me know, I hope to be back online again soon (still waiting for the laptop to be fixed) and I catch up on what you have all been upto lol
  7. Just take the cut perspex to a glass shop or a hardware store and ask them to drill it for you, i got a heap of dividers drilled for about $10
  8. Looks like i cant make it to the next meeting either :)
  9. Hay all just got a message from charlie, she wont be able to attend she is still unpacking her new house, she should be back online soon
  10. Thanks guys im pretty stoked with this spawn these guys are still pretty much babies themselves so its only a small spawn, Paul mum has ventrals but dad dosent :drool:
  11. Well this was another easy spawn 3/3/10, fish placed in spawn tank 4/3/10, 11am released female from jar 2:30pm returned home to find eggs once again i didnt see them spawn so i was unshure if they were fertile Dad was from Charlies lavender spawn Mum is from Terribletegs (not shure which spawn) 7/3/10, i returned from sydney to fry all seems well so far will let you know how it goes
  12. I was looking at your biggest and would say male aswell good luck with him he looked to have a pretty good spread already :)
  13. Maybe we could convince mike or stefan maybe even someone to come and judge :)
  14. Well 5 bags of fish went to new homes yesterday, we will not judge the fish untill the meeting after next due to there slower growth rate i look forward to see how they all turn out feel free to post progress pics over the next few months :)
  15. Well im finally home thanks for a fantastic afternoon every one, there were heaps of stunning fish on offer and im in love with my new HMs (thanks jack) it was great to meet our new members, im looking forward to the next one ^_^
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