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Sydney Fish Crawl

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I thought that was you. That must be Phil in the back row, dark T-shirt. Not sure who's either side of Lilli. I'm guessing one of them is Callatya and the other could be fuzzy dragonfly unless she's the one behind the camera. Who's next to Phil behind Davo? And who's on the far left?

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I'm the one with the sunny's ;) .

I'd help you on names but I can only name the older faces with certainity.

Bingo on the anemone (cue me freaking out!) and i'm not too sure what to do about that.
Call him Squishy :whistling: .

You got some nice rocks, shame Winky was so big.

BTW: one yabby escaped, the cat found him! No harm done, he was only playing. Sticky taped the lid shut, yabby was happily munching on some dead fish today.

I must say I made a pretty nice tank for them, they look great on the bar.

That's one X for me, should have known better after you warned me. Also from past experience, I was hunting down hermit crabs for a week after they escaped!

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