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  1. I have called bayfish, but alas we have to go through a retailer to actually get the fish themselves :-( I agree, they are great as a display fish. Hopefully we can produce them in some numbers so more people can enjoy them like that :)
  2. I don't think Bayfish would be too impressed either, they may have trouble shifting those last few males! I am stoked that Bay has gotten German killies in several times this year tho Let's hope they keep it up in 2011!!
  3. The females seem to have disappeared by Saturday or Sunday, except for one that was on hold yesterday.
  4. Just to make sure I catch everyone who might be interested, I am planning an order of these fish for interested people in Sydney. Due to the small numbers of these fish imported, we're having to do it in a hurry. But for those interested, please contact me tonight either PM, email or phone on 0425 312 347 for details. If all goes to plan, I'll place the order tmw morning and we'll have the fish by Friday!
  5. Going to the koi show!!

    1. Bettarazzi


      Take PHOTOS!!!!

    2. Chuckie


      Did any of us take photos? It was a Future Champions show so the fish were all 1' or less in length. I was really impressed with the quality, given the shrinking gene pool we have to work with in Australia.

  6. I would definitely say a boy, and a nice wild type, in finnage and colour. Good find!
  7. Rob - It grows everywhere, often Pisces or Aquagreen plants will have a few threads of it on them. It then multiplies like nothing else! Barring anyone having a bit spare, I can of course send you some, but someone you know is bound to be trying to get rid of it. Lisa - Sorry I gave you that lot that time w out being explicit about its carnivorous nature Brad - It eats everything, duckweed, birds, bats... In one tub there is just utric w a few pieces of duckweed on top, and in the other, there is a thick mat of utric covered by a dense layer of Azolla. I think that quite a nice combo
  8. It's as common as dirt, but still has cute little 'snap dragon' flowers! Sorry for poor pics, only on the phone as camera still MIA
  9. I would be very nervous about cutting into part of my fish! Especially a beautiful HM male! But for his wellbeing, sure. Those things must be tiring to carry around all the time, and as it helps in wound recovery (Maybe RAINMAN should give it a go if all else fails?) it seems to have a few legitimate uses. Re pain, thanks for the info Stefan! I want to know too, what do people use to cut, and do you use anything on the cut fin edge afterwards? There was an old TFH article about the same procedure on male delta tail guppies, they recommended knocking the boy out w soda water or something
  10. killimike

    Hi :)

    Hey Jimmy! Thanks for sharing your experiences as a fish keeper. I'm a fan of the 'lotls too, tho I haven't had one for ages.
  11. Apart from mosses, of which I would think java moss is far and away the toughest choice, maybe water sprite? It will need a little more light, so i suppose it depends on your setup.
  12. You have the blacks? That's great. It's cool to like one strain better than another just because! I would second the group buy, the folks on AL seem to do it a fair bit w different online suppliers. It could take a lot of working out, but even if only a few people bought, seeing as guppies or bettas ship in practically standing room only style, it could bring the shipping cost down to almost nothing each. Best of luck!
  13. Welcome, o Fishy One! Yep, there are a few breeders from Melbourne on here. What you are doing sounds very interesting. In addition to the usual 'Photos please', can you tell us more about your HM x CT? How did they turn out and what were your aims?
  14. Sorry to hear about mum and dad! It'll be ok Are you set on grass guppies? Coburg, when we were there a month ago, had long dorsal half blacks and some albino pinks. Maybe someone? She would definitely be able to get you something, probably just a question of how long.
  15. Have a look on aquabid under guppies, there are definitely some bluegrass there. This is just the first one that popped up, they are 'Japanese', I don't know guppies so I dunno what that means, but they're still blue grass http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auc...&1265241661
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