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My Little Blue HM


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lol ok 1st question... he came from my fave LFS where I get 90% of my fishies.

...I already have a red VT lol so um no I'll keep him :P

um they just magically appear in my LFS on thursdays and I beat Celeste to them :P

no I don't have a girly for him :P

hehe glad you like him, I saw him and had to have him he was so cute!

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lol Celeste: Admittedly he was the best HM there but the little green/yellowy boy was really cute too as was the other HM (kinda looked like "Pyro" but in HM form). but you'd love the plakat, if only i liked plakats *drool* he sure was pretty :P

lol Ned :P hmm I could sell you one or 2 girlies maybe a VT and a couple of crownies *thinks* but the rest are mine :P

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