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  1. So one of the pregnant females (yellow/orange snakeskin) I bought the day before yesterday decided that the 20L I was holding her and the wild males in would be a great place to give birth in. I was lucky in that I had literally just given them a good feed of FD bloodworm about 10 minutes earlier, so removing the males and leaving just the birthing mother in the tank was pretty easy, and as she's full she has no inclination to eat the fry. Although I'll probably remove her to another tank in the morning just to be on the safe side and make feeding/water quality maintenance easier. I was pla
  2. Yeah I know, but at this point it doesn't really matter - the girls have been in there too long, so I'll just have to start seperating them out in the next gen :-/ And I also discovered that these boys and their sisters are much more prolific than the other types in the tank so my idea last night was to set up a 3ft grow out tank, put the yellow/orange snakeskins in one tank to breed and the black/white marbles in another, and then leave the wild types in the 3ft to do their thing. Just a basic set up, but as I'm low on space atm it's the best i can do. as I get set up more I can start sep
  3. Thanks for the advice Serkan, I was hoping that since they contained endler DNA it might be possible to selectively breed for the traits and get something close to a purebred again - but oh well! they're extremely pretty in their own way, so I might just go from here and see what traits I can breed into a line Hahaha not bad considering that I pretty much ignored them for 12 months! I just don't get why we don't see more of these wild colourations about? they're certainly as pretty as a lot of the fancy varieties. I'd never even seen wild guppies that looked like this before, the one's in
  4. Hi all, long long time no see! In the last 12 months I've just had guppies in my tanks and let them do what they do, to be honest they were just something cheap from the pet store to keep the tanks cycled and active. I started out with 6 (2M 4F) and now I have in the vicinity of 50-ish males and just a handful of girls. not bad considering, weird breeding though with the M2F ratio. However I noticed today that some of the guppies looked much smaller than the others and had interesting looking patterns and tails. When I went to the pet store for some matching females and explained what th
  5. XD you won't believe this, but mr green (better known as "mr i-have-no-fins") is actually FLARING (no fins and all) at the RB guy XD it's so funny!
  6. uwah!! that tank looks fantastic phil!! that log is in just the right spot and gives it a "wild garden" feel also love how you've got the plants leading your sight into the tank :D
  7. if that isn't his spawn brother then i'll be a monkey's uncle i wish mon would pose like that T_T
  8. XD i got them from the reject shop for $1.50 each - they're candle holders!! cool eh?? i saw them some place wanted to use them in something so i grabbed them and waited until i had the right idea glad to be back as well!!
  9. thanks cal it was a hard decision because they weren't very active and had no nests unlike a lot of the other males, but they looked healthy so i took them stace, really??? yeah i've also got that melano girl that i might try spawning the RB to as well i'm gonna wait and see if mr green survives before i pop him in this thread :-/
  10. and this boy i got today - he's a lovely RB CT with massive fins! i haven't seen fins this big since my own HM ER cambo boy!! again a very docile fellow, took 20 minutes to get him to even look at the mirror! this was actually a pretty fantastic buy - he has at least 180 degree spread, is showing "4 rays" in a few rays, very strong rays and plenty of ballooning. so he'll make a great cross to my yellow HM girls.
  11. though i'd introduce my 2 new boys this is "mon" - i've had him around 3 weeks - he appears to be a marble/BF extended red cambodian monster with pastel steel on his fins (quite a mouthful eh!) this is his BF pattern: and his spots: the steel: and that gorgeous monster face he's such a sook XD won't even flare at a mirror!
  12. been a while guys!! well the 3ft blackwater tank died, and so i reefed it apart and am redoing it as an "egyptian garden" themed tank. it's about 80% done, just have to add another statue, some rocks, and wait for the smaller E.A's to grow out. and of course more fish a bacterial infection wiped out 2/3's of my platies and the koi angel pair i had in there. so only a pair of gold angels, 2 bumble bee platies, 2 red and white platies, 4 white cories and 1 bronze cory remain. when the tank's over the infection i'll retry the koi angels, and bring the platies back up to 5 of each kind.
  13. so many! the parents haven't tried to eat the fry?? those really are a lovely coloured fish btw :)
  14. weird stace! she looked really healthy when i saw her :P
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